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Article 3

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Prayer - God's Intention from Creation

When God was drawing up the plans for Creation, He could have made it such that all of creation conversed. He set the rules, laid out His design and He could have made animals, trees, water, you name it - to have the ability to speak plainly to one another.
But He decided to speak to us with the intent of conversing with us in a loving relationship. God's conversations with us were always a part of His plan, His design for Creation. But the Fall has clouded our view of God's original intent and His perfect communication with us.

In the beginning, a perfect Creation had just been formed and even that is far from our imaginings - no pollution, no crowding, no pestilence or pesticides, no hunger and the list is truly endless. In the Drama of Scripture by Bartholomew and Goheen, the authors write, "The work of Adam and Eve in the marvelous park made by God marks the beginning of a long process by which their children and their descendants are to develop the riches of creation." Their royal stewardship of Eden is to be a small version of what God intends to happen to the whole of creation as history unfolds.

What happens next is an absolute catastrophe to God's intention. But nothing throws God off balance. He does not experience any surprises like we do. And He does not abandon His well laid plans for His Creation. The rest of the drama of our lives is lived out in His restoration of Creation to His original intent.

I think we need to identify those things that He never intended - they were never authored by Him.

He never intended for us to endure the indignity of disease, the hunger of innocent children, the injustices of people to people, and overwhelming and unfair tragedies. He never intended for us to experience a single moment of hopelessness and in this day when such large percentages of the population experience depression, is it little wonder that the enemy has put us in a tailspin of confusion - sending up a smokescreen over God's original intent.

Looking back at Creation and unique among the creatures is mankind and this creation is personal. God addresses only man and woman; they enjoy a uniquely personal relationship with God. God speaks to them and He listens. They walk together (Gen. 3:8) and God lives freely with His people. This is His intent - He wants to be with us and to converse freely with the crown of His creation.

I believe God is in the process of trying to show us, little by little, what He intends for us. He desires to communicate with us without an agenda or hidden motivation - no manipulating or political positioning - just love, unfailing and unconditional. We call it ‘unfailing' because we fail. We call it ‘unconditional' because we place conditions on our love. That was never His intent.

God's intention was for us to look like Himself, to understand His speech, to hear Him and be guided by Him. We are in the process of being perfected to His original intent and that wonderful declaration in 2 Corinthians 5:17 of "being a new creation" is ours because we are in Christ Jesus.

God is reconciling the world to Himself and how does He do it? By allowing us to speak to Him in prayer. From the moment we speak the sinner's prayer, reaching out for help and repenting, the connection is made. Yes, God desires to be in communication with us as He desired from the beginning. I believe the moment He established that communication in Eden was the moment He set in place the whole concept of prayer, making the channels of conversation open between us and the Triune God. He sent His Son to die to make the connection perfect again and through prayer we have the opportunity, without hindrance, to keep the lines of communication open between a perfect Creator and His imperfect creation.

This prayer ability is incomprehensible. So, next time you go to pray, think first of God's original and ongoing intentions, His character and plan of harmonious creation, and in that you will seek Him and find Him as He intended all along.


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