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We are resolved that:

» The USA Southern Territory is committed to prayer and to keeping it central to all we are and all we do.

» We acknowledge that without prayer we are powerless and directionless.

» The 24/7 Year of Prayer has affirmed to us that prayer must remain at the forefront of our life and ministry.

» We are convinced that prayer is absolutely vital to the spiritual life of the individual Salvationist, the spiritual vitality of every corps and institution and the fulfillment of the mission to seek the salvation of the world.

» In order to fulfill our name and calling as The Salvation Army, we specifically commit to evangelistic prayer for the salvation of the lost.

» We call every Corps and Institution and every Corps Council to develop an aggressive strategy to make prayer foundational to its life and ministry.


And so with this definitively clear direction, we engage in our Army Battle Cry, making prayer our first offense in this great salvation war, knowing full well to Whom we pray as the source of our absolute and concrete victory


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