The Salvation Army Area Commander's Bio

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Metro Atlanta Area Command
 Major Todd and Captain Bethany Hawks

Years of Service:  34 
Annual Budget:   $20 Million
Contact Information:   Phone: 404-486-2950

Major Todd and Captain Bethany Hawks were commissioned as officers in The Salvation Army at different points in their lives. Todd was commissioned in 1978 and since has served as commanding officer in several southern communities in Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Bethany realized her calling to The Salvation Army after various ministries in which she worked with domestic violence victims, seniors, and women. Bethany was commissioned in 2001 and began her officership in Western New York at the Divisional Headquarters and then as a Corp Officer.

Todd and Bethany married in 2005. That October, Todd was appointed to the National Headquarters of The Salvation Army as national public affairs secretary and associate community relations secretary. In this role he held administrative responsibility for marketing, communications, and government and corporate relations, including development and disaster services.   Bethany was the national consultant on youth ministries at National Headquarters at this time.

Major Hawks was appointed area commander of Greater Charlotte and Captain Hawks coordinator of women's ministries in June 2008. They, along with their two sons, Caedon Aaron and Camden Andrew and daughter, Carsyn Asher.

Together the Hawks look forward to serving in their new appointments as the Metropolitan Atlanta Area Commander and the Associate Area Commander.



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