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This is Jamont at 12 years of age. That's when his mother learned that he would be moved into his neighborhood school's special education program. The family was shaken. Magness-Potter Community Center staff, volunteer tutors and a male mentor tightened their embrace around Jamont and his family. Jamont adjusted and responded to his new academic program by making great grades, consistently. He graduated.

Jamont, now 17 years of age, is completing his first year of studies at a residential job readiness program near Nashville, his family and Magness-Potter. He will earn his own way through life at his own pace. He knows his strengths and weaknesses. Self-esteem, positive thinking and a strong spiritual core are among his strengths.

We are very proud of Jamont, and that he is part of our Salvation Army family.

The Salvation Army Magness-Potter Community Center: Coordinates 15 - 20 collaborating private and public social service providers offering a spectrum of essential services - from infant-toddler child care to senior citizen activities - to this community of more than 10,000 people. Target populations are economically disadvantaged families and at-risk youth living in ZIP code 37207. Magness-Potter serves more than 500 families and 2,500 individuals per year.

Summer Day Camp: Day Camp is offered to 60 children during the months of June and July. Children have the opportunity to participate in activities such as arts and crafts, outdoor sports and games, dance and life skills learning classes.

Camp Paradise Valley: Each summer the Nashville Salvation Army sends kids to Camp Paradise Valley in Kentucky for a week of fun activities, friendships and learning.

The Red Shield Kids Club After-School Programs: Children and teens participate in group activities, field trips, tutoring and spiritual development. Youth ages 6 to 12 and Teens age 13-17. For more information, call Carlos Lowe at 615-255-0554.

Sports Programs: Football, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and Cheerleading programs are offered for boys and girls ages 6 to 12. For more information, call Carlos Lowe at 615-255-0554.

Life Skills Learning: Programs offered to the community, both children and adults as needed including GED, work readiness, and personal development. For more information contact Amy Sky at 615-255-0554.

Special Events: The Salvation Army and Kiwanis Club partner together each year to provide a special field trip to a Cheatham County farm for Magness-Potter kids and their families.



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