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The Salvation Army of Maryland & West Virginia is in full swing and working very hard to "Do the Most Good" and help countless families struggling with the economic pressures of today. You can help in many ways: give on-line, send a check or volunteer. If you wish to volunteer just send an e-mail and someone will contact you with information. From the Maryland shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the majestic mountains of Appalachia in West Virginia, one encounters an American landscape of enormous diversity and variety. From shipyards to coal mines, from Edgar Allen Poe to John Fox, from metropolitan to rural, there exists a unique blend of the past, the present and the future. The Salvation Army and the peoples of these two great states have been partners for over 120 years. In the hard times and in the good times we have worked together for the uplifting of our neighbors. Be a part of the solution to helping one another. As you explore our web site, we hope you catch a glimpse of the exciting challenges faced by The Salvation Army of Maryland and West Virginia to offer creative, innovative and dynamic programs and services. It's true that we reach troubled youth and invalid seniors, broken families and addicts. However, there is more to The Salvation Army. Two residential camps provide thousands of children an opportunity to interact with many cultures and backgrounds. To help children prepare for the future, we collaborate our programs to address educational needs, and encourage community involvement and inter-personal relationships. We are a distinctive and unique collage of services and programs based and designed on the needs of the individual.      


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