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When The Winds Died Down

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It is with great pleasure, that the CRD Department announces the publication of "When the Winds Died Down." This is a comprehensive report of our Emergency Disaster Services following the most devastating hurricane to hit the USA.

Hurricane Katrina mobilized a response from every territory in the USA and Canada. The result was an unprecedented supply of vehicles, personnel, gifts in kind, and cash gifts that exceeded $365 million. This booklet captures a cross-section of those who served tirelessly in the multi state command structure that was quickly established. It also reminds us of the devastation through poignant photographs. The result of our response has established The Salvation Army as the largest emergency faith-based disaster response organization in America.

The production of this book was a gift from the renowned advertising and PR agency Fletcher Martin, Inc. whose corporate office is in Atlanta, Georgia. The larger photographs were given by world-renowned disaster photographer Jez Coulson. The paper the booklet is printed on was in part donated, as was a percentage of the printing costs.

Thanks to Grizzard Advertising of Atlanta, distribution has already gone to almost every medical doctor and dentist's office nationwide. The mailing went with a request from Major John Jordan for each medical practitioner to read and share the booklet in his/her waiting room. Retail chain Books-A-Million will be offering complimentary booklets at each store throughout the South-East. All four THQs, and the forty DHQ commands have received multiple copies for distribution to every corps and ARC in the country.

Inside the book is an invitation card inviting any reader to consider contributing to the ongoing need of providing "Emergency Assistance" through The Salvation Army. There are three payment options: 1: through the NHQ website, 2: by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY, and 3: by sending a personal check to THQ in Atlanta. All three methods will follow Salvation Army donation procedures, and unless otherwise specified, will be sent via DHQ to the nearest center of the donor's zipcode.

We also have a pdf version of the book for web site publication. Please see below in the File Attachment section or contact Eli Silva, Territorial Web Communications Coordinator for the link.

Finally, we are holding a limited number of booklets for distribution to Corps, Area Command, ARC and other centers that would like larger quantities for annual meetings or mailing to donors. Please contact The Communications Bureau with your request as soon as possible. The booklets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. There is no charge for the booklets, but THQ will bill your command for the shipping costs.

As always, please do not hesitate to Contact Us with questions or concerns.


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