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Home League

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Mission Statement

The Women's Ministries of The Salvation Army is organized to win women to Christ, encourage spiritual growth, enhance Christian fellowship and promote the betterment of our women, our homes, our community, our nation and our world.

Home League

The Home League is just one of the programs of The Salvation Army that falls under the umbrella of Women's Ministries. It is a weekly program held in all Salvation Army Centers for Worship and is open to all women 16 years of age and older, regardless of race, color, or creed.Weekly programs are creative and interactive and include worship programs that promote spiritual growth and development; educational programs that focus on issues of interest to women; fellowship programs that provide times of laughter and fun, and service programs that provide an opportunity to give time and/or material assistance to various community programs and worldwide missions. One of the highlights for the women is the yearly weekend women's retreats held each Spring in various locations throughout the South. While all are different, they each provide a time for relaxation, recreation, fellowship and spiritual renewal.



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