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24-7 SA Prayer

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What is this?
24-7 is a non-stop prayer meeting across many nations and Christian traditions. Participating groups pledge to pray 24 hours a day in a fixed location for anything between a week and a month. They then ‘carry the baton of prayer' for that period.

The prayer-meeting flows between locations linked by the World Wide Web. Right now someone, somewhere is praying 24-7.




What is SA 24/7?
The UK Mission Team launched a year of prayer in the UK Territory at the 2001 Roots conference in May 2001. At the Roots conference, where attendance exceeded 3,600 people, over 1,500 people passed through the 24-7/SA prayer room during the 4 day conference.




We would advise that in the weeks leading up to the week of prayer, a half night of prayer be held, so to launch 24-7/SA and to give people a taste of what is to come.


A certain motivator for any corps is involving them in prayer for future vision and direction. The Salvation Army vision is to save souls, grow saints and serve suffering humanity, and we are certain that each corps will have its own vision / mission statements. 24-7/SA is an ideal time for each individual corps to pray about their part in this.


It is essential to help corps members to understand the prayer room. Different cultures of prayer will be encouraged during the week, some people will enjoy quiet times, and others will enjoy noisier prayer times. The main emphasis is that there will be something for everybody within the prayer room.


> Make us aware of your interest
> Speak to your corps officers or leaders
> Choose your week(s)
> Sign up at
> If in doubt - ask more questions of your leaders or send an email to:

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