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As a Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary member, you will have the privilege of working with the local expression of a worldwide movement that seeks the spiritual redemption and social rehabilitation of those it serves.

The Salvation Army believes in "meeting the need at the point of need," so its advisory organizations are located right where the human needs and problems arise, in local communities and neighborhoods. The Army has a centralized procedure for defining policy and coordinating practice, but the local responsibility focuses on program, funding, administration and public relations.

The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary functions as a fund raising and volunteer service group. A designated Representative serves as an ex officio member of each women's auxiliary.

You will need to learn all about the structure, services and goals of The Salvation Army, and particularly how they relate to the local programs. Experience has shown that women's auxiliary members learn by doing and soon develop a competence and initiative of their own as they work with the Representative to meet local needs.

Welcome to The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary!




Section 1-1

The name of this organization is The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary, hereinafter referred to as the "auxiliary" of the (headquarters, institution, or corps) ______________________________, hereinafter referred to as the "institution," located at (street address) ______________________________ (Community name) ____________________ shall be hereinafter referred to as the "community."


Section 2-1

These Articles of Organization are intended to provide The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary with a form of organization appropriate for effective support of The Salvation Army and for the accomplishments of their particular purposes.

General Purposes

It is the purpose of the auxiliary, consistent with these articles, to assist The Salvation Army in connection with a particular part or all of the program carried on at the institution and, in cooperation with the advisory board, in connection with all Salvation Army activities in the community.

Section 2-2

Relation to Salvation Army

The auxiliary is not independent of The Salvation Army. It is part of it, created by act of the duly appointed governing authority, the territorial commander.


Auxiliaries may adopt bylaws relating to local settings, made in keeping with this manual. Contents of such bylaws must be recommended for approval at the local level before adoption by the divisional and territorial auxiliary leaders.

Legal Entity

The Salvation Army corporation is the legal entity charged with the responsibility for the conduct of Salvation Army affairs in the community. The auxiliary and/or federation of women's auxiliaries, hereinafter referred to, are responsible to The Salvation Army corporation; neither is a separate legal entity nor an organization with executive or administrative authority.


Section 3-1 - Types of Members

The membership of the auxiliary shall consist of the following:

(A) Ex officio members: (i) The Representative is a Salvation Army officer designated by the territorial commander. Her primary responsibility is to act as liaison between The Salvation Army and the auxiliary. It is the duty of the Representative to explain the policies and procedures. (ii) Other Salvation Army officers in addition to the Representative are provided for in these Articles of Organization for ex officio membership. As a rule these officers will be directors of specific institutions or service programs or will carry administrative responsibility for oversight of operations in the community. The function of such members is to inform the women's auxiliary concerning specific services under their jurisdiction and also contribute to discussions concerning the advancement of all Salvation Army service programs in the community.

(B) Regular members: Outstanding non-Salvationist women in the community not employed by The Salvation Army, who by their influence or activity can further the work of the Army and who are recommended by the membership committee and accepted by the executive committee, may be members. The number of members shall be unlimited.

Section 3-2 - Classifications of Membership

The auxiliary may establish two or more, not to exceed four, classifications of membership, such as, but not limited to, active, supporting, sponsoring, contributing. Such classifications may differ as to qualifications, right to vote and terms of membership.

Section 3-3 - Term of Membership

Unless otherwise provided by the auxiliary, all members shall be entitled to vote and shall have indefinite terms of membership.

Section 3-4 - Membership Card

A membership card shall be given to each person when accepted into membership.

Section 3-5 - Resignation/Removal

A member may resign by giving written notice of her resignation to the president. A member is subject to removal at any meeting of the executive committee by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of the executive committee, or at any time by the territorial commander by delivery of written notice of the removal to the president or secretary. The president or secretary, as the case may be, shall notify a member of her removal.

Section 3-6 - Failure to Pay Dues/Reinstatement

Any member after having been contacted who fails to pay her membership dues within one year following the date they are due shall be notified in writing by the secretary of the termination of her membership. Members so deemed to have resigned shall be eligible for reinstatement upon payment of membership dues, subject to recommendation by the membership committee.


Section 4-1 - Notice of Meetings

Each member shall be notified in writing of the date, time and place of all meetings at least seven days prior to the scheduled date of the meeting, e.g., by newsletter, mailing of minutes, or letter from secretary. Notice of any meeting may be waived by a member either before or after the meeting is called.

Section 4-2 - Presence of Representative

No meeting of the auxiliary, including committee meetings, shall be deemed properly convened without the presence of the Representative, or an alternate designated by her. The alternate will, in most cases, be a Salvation Army officer.

Section 4-3 - Regular Meetings

Regular monthly or quarterly meetings must be conducted.

Section 4-4 - Special Meetings

Special meetings of the auxiliary shall be called by the secretary on the written request of the president or the Representative or ten percent, but not less than three, of the members of the auxiliary entitled to vote.

Section 4-5 - Annual Meeting

The date of the annual business meeting of the auxiliary for the election of officers and for such other business as may properly come before the meeting will be decided by the executive committee in conference with the Representative.

Section 4-6 - Quorum

At all regular meetings one-fourth of all members entitled to vote or in the case of auxiliaries of over 200 members a maximum of 50 members entitled to vote and the Representative or the alternate designated by her shall be necessary and sufficient to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. The act of a majority of the members entitled to vote and present at a meeting having a quorum shall be the act of the auxiliary.

Section 4-7 - Order Of Business

The order of business at any meeting, unless waived by the executive committee, shall be:

  • Call to order
  • Invocation
  • Reading of minutes
  • Reading of treasurer's report
  • Committee reports
  • Unfinished business
  • New business
  • Adjournment

Matters of policy and action taken by the executive committee are presented for approval at the regular meetings of the auxiliary.



See other sections of Manual:

General Introduction, Organizational Procedures, Articles V-VII, Articles VIII-XII, Definition of Terms


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