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Ministries: Adult

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Adult Ministries

The Salvation Army provides ministries to adults for spiritual wellness and growth.

Family Developement Ministries

The office of Family Development is responsible for resourcing the strengthening, nurturing, and development of salvationist families in the Southern Territory USA. » Read more

Men's Ministries

The Men's Fellowship Club movement was founded in 1946. Before that time there had been various men's groups, but no organized men's movement. » Read more

Women's Ministries

The Women's Ministries include Home League, Women's Auxiliary, Community Care and Women's Outreach. » Read more


Older Adult Ministries

The older adult activity group runs by a local Salvation Army corps communities in many locations. They provide weekly or monthly offering socialization through spiritual enrichment, arts & crafts, gentle exercise, and organized educational workshops,etc.
» Read more






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