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Vision Statement

To provide solid Biblical education through Bible correspondence courses to those in correctional institutions


THE LIFE OF CHRIST begins with a study of the term "Gospel" and then continues to the birth of John the Baptist, the birth of Christ, His ministry, death and resurrection. The course concludes with a look at the Old Testament prophecy and New Testament fulfillment of these prophecies as they relate to Christ. (12 lessons)

THE CHRISTIAN LIFE is a study of God's plan for man. The study covers creation through the plan of salvation. Lessons follow faith, the Holy Spirit, prayer, reading the Bible, Christian giving and Christian service. (12 lessons)

THE EARLY CHURCH covers the beginning of the church, its growth, Paul's missionary journeys, the Epistles, and an overview of Revelations. (12 lessons)

EARLY BEGINNINGS start with a lesson layout of the Bible. Then the lessons turn to the following studies on the creation and fall, Noah, Abraham, the Patriarchs, Jacob, and Joseph. (12 lessons)

HISTORY OF A NATION studies Moses, the wilderness journey, the priesthood, promised land and judges. It then continues with Samuel, David, Solomon, the fall and captivity of the nation of Israel. The course concludes with a study of the four major prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel, as well as ten minor prophets. (12 lessons)

SURVEY COURSE begins with a study in the Old Testament, including creation, Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Exodus, the promised land, Samuel, and the return from exile. The course continues in the New Testament with a study of the Gospels, Jesus' ministry, betrayal and arrest. The course concludes with the beginning of the church through study in Acts which illustrates the lives of people being transformed, but also sometimes presecuted. Lesson 18 guides the student through scriptures which teach about living the Christian life. (18 lessons)

How Can Inmates Get Involved In Bible Correspondence Courses?

Bible correspondence courses are offered to inmates nationwide. The inmate may request an enrollment form directly from their chaplains or write to their local Salvation Army to request the courses.


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