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Southern Territorial Headquarters

Atlanta, Georgia






To provide opportunity for local officer soldiers to share ideas, express needs, and voice concerns relative to The Salvation Army in an orderly manner and with assurance that their expressions will be considered at the Territorial Administrative level. All formal Recommendations and Areas of Concern are to be shared with members of the Territorial Administrative Council (TAC) and with Territorial Executive Council (TEC).


The Territorial Sergeant Major, appointed by the Territorial Commander.

Two local officer soldiers from each Division, appointed by the Divisional Commander. Each member will serve a two year term (four meetings). At the end of a two year term, there will be the possibility of renewing for a second two year term at the recommendation of the Divisional Commander.

Once a member has served one term, or an extended second term, a two-year break must be taken before consideration can be given to additional terms of service for said delegate.

One alternate from each Division, appointed by the Divisional Commander, should the regular member be unable to attend.

Three ex-officio members:

Territorial Secretary for Program

Assistant Secretary for Program

Assistant to the Secretary for Program

The member will serve a two-year tenure.

Terms will run from October through September in keeping with the territorial program year.



When a member is unable to attend, he will notify his respective Divisional Commander or Divisional Evangelism and Adult Ministries Secretary. DHQ will then contact the alternate and request attendance. DHQ will also contact the Assistant to the Secretary for Program to confirm attendance.

When a member cannot fulfill a full two-year tenure, the alternate will become the representative and serve a two-year term. A new alternate will be appointed.

Any member (representative or alternate) completing a full two-year term may be reappointed only after a two-year lapse.


The Territorial Sergeant Major will serve as Chairman of the Territorial Soldiers INC (TSINC) and the Executive Committee.

There will be an Executive Committee made up of three members, selected by the Territorial Sergeant Major with the approval of the Secretary for Program and the Assistant to the Secretary for Program.

There will be standing committees into which the membership will be divided. The members of the Executive Committee will serve as committee chairpersons for these standing committees.

Territorial Headquarters Staff will serve as resource persons as required.

General oversight of the TSINC meetings will be given by the Territorial Secretary for Program and Assistant to the Secretary for Program.



TSINC will meet twice per year. Two days normally will be designated for the agenda. Suggested meetings are the first week in February and mid-July.


The Executive Committee will meet prior to the scheduled TSINC meeting to review the agenda and work tasks for the standing committees.


The soldiers of the territory will be canvassed for their concerns and recommendations through various vehicles (i.e., The Southern Spirit, soldier representatives in Division and/or Corps Officer). These ideas, needs, and concerns will be directed to the Territorial Sergeant Major, who will present this information to the Executive Committee for meeting of TSINC.

Recommendations and concerns from the meeting of TSINC will be submitted to the Secretary for Program for review and processing on to the Territorial Commander. These recommendations will be submitted to the Secretary for Program for approval and processing to the Territorial Commander. The minutes and recommendations of the meeting will be shared with all members and Divisional Commanders. Following review and comment by TAC, the recommendations will be returned to TSINC for implementation.


All expenses incurred with attendance at any TSINC meeting will be paid through the Territorial Incentive Fund. The members will be reimbursed upon submission of travel vouchers and receipts for expenses to the Assistant to the Secretary for Program. The deadline for submission for vouchers will be not longer than thirty (30) days from the closing session of the TSINC meeting.


July, 2005


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