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Through the innovation of Salvation Army officers working in partnership with radio station personnel, the program was first produced in 1955 and distributed to a handful of stations across the southeastern United States.

Limited production continued until 1975, when it became a national project of The Salvation Army.  Today this 15-minute weekly program of teaching and music is heard on over 300 broadcasting outlets worldwide, as well as on the Internet at


The Salvation Army radio program, Wonderful Words of Life has been placed on Sirius XM Satellite Radio.

In production for over 50 years, this 15-minute weekly program may be heard on Sundays at 8:30 AM (EST) over XM channel 170 (Family Talk programmed by Salem Media).

The program is listed on the Internet at the following links:

List of programs
Programs Descriptions

Listen to Our Programs os the Internet

micWonderful Words of Life and Maravillosas Palabras de Vida  are aired each week on radio stations all across the United States and on many international broadcasters.  Click on the links below for a complete listings of stations, frequencies, locations, days and times.

WWOL usa | Intl
MPDV usa | Intl


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