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Dance upon Injustice

The theme revolves around Christians taking action and not sitting silently as Satan attacks our fellow brothers and sisters.

Adults: Guests Commissioner Max Feener(Southern Territory), Aaron White(War College Vancouver), Majors Richard and Janet Munn(Eastern Territory) will elaborate on the following subtopics:

Dance upon injustice, Act upon the calling, Neglect not the fight, Consider God's power, Embark upon the mission

Seminars: The seminar streams are: Moving Through Ministries, Helping the Poverty Stricken, Discipling His People, Breaking the Addictions and The Salvation Army History. The streams target ministry opportunities collectively as well as insights for personal renewal while keeping one main thought within the streams. Some of the seminar presenters are: Majors Munn, Aaron and Cherie White, Lt. Colonels Crabson, Major Mike Hawley, and Cory Harrison.

Teens: This venue awakens teens to the reality of God's Kingdom in their lives. "We exist to ignite passion for Christ in the hearts of teenagers so that they, too, will become a light in their communities." Through interactive worship, sound teaching, and challenging seminars, they are encouraged to create a new culture of Christ-like living in their communities.

Elementary: The kids venue will focus on teaching kids about injustices that they can understand and what the Bible tells them to do about it. They will have a hands on project where they will be able to have a part in making a difference to a few other children who face injustices every day.

You may still register at Or contact the Territorial Youth Department 404.728.6700 ext. 496.



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