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The Speakers
Dr. William Ury taught Kingdom Warfare as described in Mark's Gospel, the first half of the book dealing with the person of Jesus and the remaining eight chapters on the passion of Christ.

"The Kingdom of God is proclaimed and fulfilled in Jesus Christ - revealed in His person and passion," Ury said, "and kingdom warfare began in the wilderness, recapitulating all of creation at the source of its chaos."

Commissioner Max Feener led study sessions on "Our Spiritual Warfare" - "The Battle Call" and "Fully Prepared." The soldier's equipment described by Paul in Ephsians 5:22-6:9 provides the preparation, power and position for battle.

"Here, then, is the Spirit's strategy: Overlaid with God's armor we become more than conquerors," Feener said.

Commissioner Israel Gaither spoke on the rules of engagement for Kingdom Warfare: "Engage the Advantage" and "Eliminate the Distractions." Christ is the center of God's Kingdom. Where He is, therefore, justice is present, hope returns, evil is confronted and the enemy is defeated.

"There is no retreating in this war," Gaither said. "This is the time for Salvationists to be brave soldiers. We are stewards of a magnificent outcome - the reign of Jesus Christ as King!"

Majors John and Anne Read employed a team-teaching method, both bringing their unique style for illustrating aspects of spiritual warfare. They spoke of the army of dry bones which God resurrected to convince Ezekiel of His power. In a passage from Revelation, they described Christ as "a War Lord victorious in battle."

"We wage war with love. All wars spread terror, in a way - but God is not a God of terror, and not to be confined with judgment," Major John Read said. "He is also a God of love, mercy and grace. The world can never offer grace."

How has this SBC equipped you for spiritual warfare?

"I understand better about what kind of spiritual warfare is going on. We think that it's  mostly angels and demons fighting - but it's really a battle that we all face every day. The headlines scare me, but those are earthly things. But as spiritual workers, we have to purify ourselves to be ready to resist temptations and to live for Jesus."

- Janet Hawley, New Orleans, La., disaster recovery counselor




"I have been rejuvenated. It's important for me to know that God is the core of my existence. We hear reports every night on the news about wars, so when I have my personal time with the Lord, that's when I'm reminded about where I've come from and where I'm going."

- Beth Arrowood, Dallas, Texas, ARC staff member




 "With terror everywhere in the world, Christians need to always be on guard. We need  to be positive in our faith, willing to work for God, and especially willing to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ."

- Bobby Baker, corps secretary, Sumter, S.C.






"The speakers have been excellent and I've been blessed. I also love to see old friends again."

- Major Patsy Brewer, retired officer, Concord, N.C.





"This made me aware about the war between good and evil, and to learn about the weapons we have at our disposal in this spiritual warfare."

- Jerome Sellers, Nashville, Tenn., ARC




"In light of what's going on in the world right now, it's very important to remember that we are in a spiritual war every day of our lives. When the end does come, we'll be ready for life eternal."

- Major Bill Mockabee, Georgia divisional commander


"In light of world events, it's plain to see that we need to get back to the roots of what  Jesus taught. The world wants peace, but the only true peace comes through the Lord. I sense a special anointing because the speakers have been so dynamic. It's what we need to hear."

- Captain Johnny Poole, Macon, Ga., corps officer





"I've only missed one Bible conference since it started over 50 years ago, and that was because I attended the National Seminar on Evangelism that year. This study on Our Spiritual Warfare is right down the alley. The world is in bad shape and it's not going to get better until Jesus comes."

- Lt. Colonel Jack T. Waters, Winston-Salem, N.C. , area commander



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