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Transitional Housing

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The Transitional Housing Program is a recovery program designed to help individuals and families.  Applicants are persons experiencing problems in life that have caused setbacks related to the inability to make  good choices.  Applicants will be accepted on their willingness to admit that they need help to imrove their life skills.  Taking personal responsibility for the past and a desire to improve on your life skills are key criteria for acceptance to this program.

The Salvation Army is a faith based organization and in order to enter the program you must agree to abide by the following requirements.

  1. I agree to accept without complaint the suggestions of the staff in order to help me change my old ways of thinking so that when I leave this program I will be able to function in society in a way that pleases God and my fellow citizens.
  2. I will attend all Salvation Army Church meetings while in this program.
  3. I will attend all self-help classes that are placed on my client plan.
  4. I will abide by all rules that The Salvation Army has concerning my conduct and the property of The Salvation Army.
  5. I will acquire and keep gainful employment within 30 days of entering the program.
  6. I will attend all AA and or NA meetings as requred on my client plan.
  7. Upon entering the program, I will submit to a drug screening test and any futher drug tests while living at The Salvation Army.
  8. I will maintain my apartment and its yard to the standards that are required.
  9. I will meet weekly with my caseworker.
  10. I will do all extra chores assigned to me
  11. I will open a savings account and deposit the budgeted amount each month and provide proof via statement to my caseworker.
  12. I will follow a budget that has been approved by my caseworker and provide weekly receipts as proof.
  13. I will be involved in parenting and/or family improvement classes if required by my caseworker.
  14. I will agree to a background check to determine any past criminal history.  Clients that have a criminal history are not kept from the program. However, sexual crimes are an automatic disqualification.


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