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SEED (Addiction)

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S.E.E.D. Program

Shelter Extension for Employment and Direction

Seed time and harvest are Biblical Principles, that The Salvation Army in Decatur is implementing for a new program to serve homeless clients. The clients must be actively seeking employment and unable to meet financial requirements for shelter.

Understanding there are many steps to this principle, The Salvation Army will begin by providing overnight shelter to clients who are willing to be accountable to the Lodge Director, the Case Manager and the Commanding Officer for their attitude and actions.  Included in shelter are meals, laundry facility, bathing facility, and a warm, dry place to stay.

The purpose of this program is to provide shelter to clients who are actively seeking employment and who need case management and support for a period of time to help them end their cycle of homelessness.

Program requirements:

  1. Submit to a drug screen upon entering the program.
  2. Submit to a weekly and /or random drug screen while in the program.
  3. Must be physically able to go to work.  Disability income will disqualify an applicant for this program.
  4. Attend all meetings provided at the Center of Hope.
  5. Provide verification from local law enforcement that there are no outstanding arrest warrants.
  6. Provide written verification of applications for employment that have been made.  A log form will be provided for use.
  7. Provide volunteer hours, as assigned.
  8. Meet with the case manager one time per week.
  9. Follow suggestions made by the case manager, and work towards goals that are set.
  10. Be open and honest with the case manager concerning work history and  application/job search process.
  11. Meet the requirements for stay at the Center of Hope, including a 0 breathalyzer reading.
  12. Meet the dress requirements for Corps meetings and job applicant/interviews.


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