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Girl Guards -- Tuesday, 6:00 - 7:15 pm -- ages 12-18

The Girl Guard program is available to young women in 6th -12th grade and focuses on the four aspects of personal growth outlined above in the Girl Guard Aim: spiritual, mental, physical and social. Girl Guards meet once a week and focus on these goals by earning emblems within various areas of interest. Girl Guards study art, find out how to respect and take care of the environment, learn the responsibilities of parenthood, gain computer skills and auto know-how, delve into God's Word, discover how to handle difficult situations, participate in wood working classes, join in recreational sport activities and so much more.

By discovering God's gifts of arts and skills, health and happiness, nature, people, personal growth and their present and future, Girl Guard members gain knowledge and experience in a variety of areas which will aid them as they mature into adults.

Sunbeams -- Tuesday, 6:00- 7:15 pm -- ages 6-11

Today, Sunbeam members are between the ages of 6-11; the only criteria for joining is regular meeting attendance and parental consent. The goals of the Sunbeams are outlined in the Sunbeam Pledge, Declaration and Motto shown above--but for this group actions speak louder than words. In Sunbeams, heavy emphasis is placed on actively working with the Sunbeam leader and fellow-Sunbeams in order to earn emblems in a plethora of areas.



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