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Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

The Salvation summer camp programs are a wonderful outlet for youth that participate in our corps programs, i.e., Cub and Boy Scouts, Girl Guards, Sunbeams and Music.  There are also camps for those children not participating in The Salvation Army youth programs.

Registration for these camps is in April.  There are forms to fill out and of course a physical is required.  Usually there is no cost, but it is recommended to speak to the Christian Education Director or Social Services Director regarding costs.

The ALM Division is making capital improvements to Camp Hidden Lake so that more children can find Jesus and themselves.

Some people get lost in the woods. Others get found. Camp Hidden Lake exists to support the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social development of children, youth and adults. Through the years many have "found themselves" at Camp Hidden Lake through the quality camping programs offered each summer. Some learn a new skill, others develop relationships that empower, all encounter a lasting relationship with with Jesus.



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