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Next Step Program - Substance abuse continues to be a problem for many individuals in the Alexandria area, and The Salvation Army's Next Step Program is available for those wishing to get their lives back on track and become productive members of society.  We require that our clients attend scheduled meetings and meet with case workers in order to develop a plan of action to help them return to the workforce.  During the first six months, participants must attend classes on budgeting and management to learn not only how to manage their finances but also their time.  During the last phase of the program - months six through twelve - clients begin to work on obtaining their own housing.  This requires that they open their own savings account - depositing a minimum of 50% of their paycheck each pay period.  By doing this, clients have the means to pay for food, bills and rent once housing is obtained.  After the program is completed, Salvation Army case workers will continue to meet with the clients for one year - helping them maintain their new found independence and freedom.


Bed and Bread Program - This is the name of the program for emergency shelter operations for homeless and transient individuals.  Some individuals just need a short stay in order to receive their first pay check, social security check, or establish employment.  Others are traveling through for one reason or another and need a shelter for the night.  The Salvation Army emergency shelter provides a safe environment for men and women to sleep, shower, eat, and regain control over their lives.



Mass Feeding Program - The Salvation Army of Alexandria stands ready to feed anyone who comes throughout our door looking for a hot meal.  Our facility is equipped with a commercial kitchen which is capable of preparing 500 plus meals three times a day.  Our menus are prepared by a licensed nutritionist, and they are modified based upon the food donations we receive from throughout our community.  The constant is that our meals are always healthy and provide basic nutrition for the hungry in our community.



Day Shelter Program - In early 2006, we expanded our services by providing a day shelter to provide basic human needs for those living on the street.  After discussions with homeless men and women, as well as business and community leaders, it was decided that a program of this nature was desperately needed in our area.  The day shelter provides showers, laundry facilities, a small library, lunch, educational opportunities, spiritual and emotional counseling and other basic human dignities.  Games such as pool, foosball, board games and ping-pong are also available.


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