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Disaster Services

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There are not many places in the world where they understand natural disasters like the residents of Arkansas and Oklahoma.  We have everything from tornadoes, floods, and blizzards to wild fires and even earthquakes. Most never  expect to be affected by a disaster, but if you ever find yourself in a place where you are needing help, The Salvation Army is here to help you.

During many of the disasters across Arkansas and Oklahoma, you'll find our mobile feeding units, referred to as canteens, roaming around providing hydration, meals and emotional and spiritual care.  We have people who are willing to pray with you and offer emotional support during your time of duress. We meet many different needs during times of disaster, and we're here to meet your needs as well should they arise.



The Salvation Army generally follows a three phase structured response to any disaster.  The phases include Relief, Recovery and Rebulding.  All responses are customized to the particular disaster, survivors, and our partnerships with other responding agencies.

Call 1-800-227-2156 for more information about the disaster services in your area.



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