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Prayer Article 27

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Lenten Prayers: Hunger, Satisfaction & Fullness

Hunger signals us to eat something so we don’t run low on fuel.  Satisfaction sets in when the hunger rumblings go away and fullness is the capacity of what we are able to handle and no more.  Hunger presents a laser-like focus for our need for fuel and we quickly remedy the discomfort as we grab food.

In the same way, our spirit grumbles.  Unfortunately, in the stomach of our spirits we tend to ignore the warning signs of hunger, trying to fill them with substitutes, leaving us unsatisfied and empty.

During the later part of this Lenten season, there is still time to make this year more meaningful as we prepare for the encounter of Holy week and Easter morning celebration.

It could be that you are having trouble finding the presence of God and there are few things in our daily routine that arrest our attention as deftly as hunger.  We easily eradicate our physical hunger by eating but often neglect the growl of our spiritual fuel.  This is where the prayerful discipline of fasting is a stellar offering to feed our innermost being.  God has made us to run on fuel and food is that daily appointment of keeping the body running efficiently.  Food for body and food for soul is a perfect equation of our total healthy balance.

Ultimately, we fast to know God.  It is a time of intimacy, necessity.  The greatest reason to fast is not to get great answers to prayer (although you may get some sensational answers and breakthroughs of strongholds).  The greatest benefit of fasting and prayer is that it helps us to know God as never before - our hunger drives us to recognize His presence when he touches us, fills us. 

God offers to come to us in private worship when going through the usual motions of our singing, study and preachment doesn’t satisfy.  As we analyze the results of our corporate worship, how have we come to the house of One whose name is abundance?  We have practiced our music so that everyone likes the songs we sing.  We have practiced our prayers, readings, announcements and even practiced our sermons.  We make it easy with screens, photos and video clips.  We have done everything to attract and entertain people but have we lost the ability to attract ourselves to the presence of God; not just to seek His blessing but to seek the “blesser.”  It is good to come to worship hungry because when your soul is empty, the only thing that will satisfy is God himself.

We’ve tried to satisfy the spiritual hunger with human resources.  Maybe it was such a spiritual feast several years ago, so full of Christ, that you didn’t think to eat again?  Hunger came because you were still operating on that old encounter.  If you are lacking something spiritually, it is not because God does not have the abundance of resources prepared.  He longs to come dine with you (Rev. 3:20). 

A fast from earthly foods may help you to find the presence of God.  It is a holy, individual hunger. 

In your hunger, Jesus says to you, “I am the Bread of Life.  The person who aligns with me hungers no more and thirsts no more, ever.  I have told you this explicitly because even though you have seen me in action, you don’t really believe me.  Every person the Father gives me eventually comes running to me.  And once that person is with me, I hold on and don’t let go.” (John 6:35 - The Message)

Satisfaction comes - “You satisfy me more than the richest feast.” (Psalm 63:5a - NLT)

Fullness is declared - “For as the waters fill the sea, the earth will be filled with an awareness of the glory of the LORD.”  (Habakkuk 2:14 - NLT)

Remember too that Jesus went to the cross with a hunger.  The motivation behind his hunger, his self emptying was you.

And just as you prepare a meal, so you prepare for your fast.  If this is your first fast, please read, a beginner’s fast, on the prayer website,


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