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Prayer Article 25

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Open Petition to the KING

Advent marks the beginning of the church calendar.  It is with the birth of the King of Kings that details the rest of the Kingdom building story of Creation.

So here is a prayer, a petition to the newborn King that forever reigns.

Come worship and pray to the King….. let us pray.

O Holy God.  Yes, King of all Kings.  Is it possible that I speak to you, the KING, this way?  You, who left the opulence of heaven, a place beyond my wildest thoughts of beauty and provision, to live among common flesh, to gladly dwell and relate with love?  You came, as a Royal King, not to hobnob with  only those select few as other monarchs might do - privileged by wealth, power or intellect – but for the rest of us; the poor, the struggling,  unidentified, invisible to most but not to you.

You are the King who rules to govern not just one portion of land but for all the earth, for all people past, present and future.  For the governing of all will be on your shoulders and you are the embodiment of governing Truth; your word is truth.  With your entrance signals the end of all false powers and we shout as those chains of slavery from imperfect rulers fall at your feet.  You are the King to a kingdom that will never end.  Our prayers and petitions now are to one King alone.

You are a King of safety who declares, “the battle belongs to me, the Lord,” and you uphold us in your victorious right hand.  You fight as warrior king in realms of invisible powers and principalities – far beyond our abilities of battle, strategy and judgment.  You see the larger picture and declare the end results to bring glory to the Kingdom alone and not for individual success.

You are a King of Compassion by identifying with the least of us from the start – born not to a beauty queen or daughter of riches but to a poor girl, in simple surroundings that even the lowliest would know.  Your entrance was not accompanied with the grand productions of music and dance that we herald today but with utter silence and stillness until the heavens could stand it no more and the inhabitants of heaven gave their angel shout to the earth below.

You are a King of Love always and unlike any other previous beloved ruler.  You have power to condemn and yet you are the ransom for our debt.  In you there is no obligation to grant forgiveness and yet you live and die to show us the extent of your forgiving spirit.  In you is all wisdom and yet you are not condescending but patient with the slow learning curve of your kingdom kids.

You are a King of Authority, the High Priest of heaven, and you include us as not only subjects to your throne but heirs with you in the kingdom of God.  How generous you are to embrace us, grafting us into the royal lineage of inheritance.  You alone grant this seal of adoption and we have done nothing to deserve such stature.

I call you King today but yet I pray as I go rushing about, not recognizing that I should be bowing; bowing before the greatest of Kings - a king not a tyrant or one who insists on protocol.  Not a narcissistic king who thinks only of himself but a king of immeasurable care who loves us as children and not just subjects to a throne - a king who desires my heart as its only treasure and turns the world upside down with a new order of rule – Eternal and Unfailing Love.

Bless us this Christmas season as we cease from our inadequate traditions to herald such a king as you are but instead to bow, worship and adore the newborn King.  Amen.

As you have lit the candles of Advent this season, know the significance of the candle’s colors – the 3 purple candles indicate the color of Repentance, the pink is for Joy and the Christ candle of pure white is for your salvation!


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