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Prayer Article 20

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We tend to think of prayer times as primarily petitionary (asking) which is a bit one sided. The intent of these varied prayer stimulators is that you come to experience a whole conversation that is balanced and inspired, yielding a closer relationship and ease.

9. Trust factor - List the things that you spend the most time agonizing in prayer. These are sometimes the topics that consume our wrestling with words and emotions. Now balance these thoughts with the phrase, "I trust You, Father, for addressing these concerns and trust You for the outcome." Meditate on Whom you trust and not how you might fix the situation, independent of God's hand.

10. Moment by Moment - In a single day, as you go through each activity of your day, say a prayer at the on start of each new action. This is to get us into the habit of preceding everything with prayer rather than asking the Lord to bless after the fact. For instance, pray at your first waking moment, before daily routines, before you drive your car, before each meeting with people you know and don't know, before each purchase, with each phone call and e-mail you send. By this you will acknowledge God's presence and "the God who sees in secret will reward you."

11. Stillness - This is a prayer that is both praise and petition. It also leads us into the presence of God through stillness. Pray Psalm 46:11 backwards. Taking the phrase, "Be still, and know that I am God," remove the final word in the sentence and continue to drop off that last word until all that remains is the word "be still." Repeat this several times, adding more times of reflection with each reduced phrase. You may also use the phrase, "Jesus saves me."

12. Checks and Balances - Take a prayer inventory of your prayer time and make an accounting of your concentration. Are there equal times of adoration to a Holy Triune God and times of confession (see I John 1:8-10, 2:1-2)? Do personal lists consume your time and are they in balance as you converse with God. Think in terms of conversations you would have with others as there always needs to be a time of uplifting and honesty.

13. Exclusively Theirs - Sometimes the hardest thing is to take ourselves out of the picture of our prayers. In these prayers, completely extract yourself from the conversation and picture yourself only as the catalyst, with disappearing qualities, as you pray on their behalf.

14. Exclusively Ours - Sometimes the hardest thing is to focus on ourselves exclusively but these prayers will acknowledge that you are one that God loves and that He is fully invested in who you are and what He has placed in you as your gifting. He desires for you to reach full success in your spiritual formation, remove all hindrances and to engage in the tasks He has for you exclusively to accomplish for His Kingdom.

15. The Whole World in His Hands - This is God's armchair travelogue as you pray for people you do not know but whom God knows intimately. Trust God's Omniscience in that He is mindful of His world's details. If you don't have a specific place in mind, you may use the Army's Year book, your missionary board at church or simply take the newspaper's international news section.

16. Trinitarian Adoration - Spend time expressly on the attributes of the Trinity, expounding on the abilities of each as well as asking to know more about their characters and qualities, such as the Spirit's ability to interpret and articulate the groaning of our very depths so that we are fully understood in our prayers.


Let us draw near
with a true heart in
full assurance of faith,
having our hearts
sprinkled from an evil
conscience, and our
bodies washed with
pure water.

Hebrews 10:22


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