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Prayer Article 16

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"No signal" - check the external input - by Jude Gotrich

In an age of high definition television, cell phones or any kind of computer connectivity, the warning, "no signal," is often posted to signify a failure to communicate. There is nothing more frustrating than when the connection is not made - no picture, no sound. Try as we may to communicate the computer's PowerPoint presentation to the screen, the television to the cable or the cell phone out of range of a transmitting tower, sometimes our best efforts fall short of the desired outcome and we attempt to figure out what's wrong, checking the external input.

Have these things happened to you? Does it cause desperation to get the image and the message connected?

This scenario is nothing new to a God who constantly speaks (and listens) and we fail to make the connection. But when the signal is right, wondrous things do occur and He desires to broaden our scope and capability.

As we have started a new year, many have set their standards, goals, and dreams in place. Some have gone farther to articulate just how those things are going to get done; devising guidelines. Do those guidelines reflect a small picture of just your house, your church, your community or do they extend with the eyesight of God's global vision. Do you allow Him to take you out of your comfort and experience the extent He wishes for you in your formation - not just one dimensional but into the multi-dimensional spiritual realm of His connectivity?

For instance, does God wake you up in the middle of the night and presses on your heart to pray? Does He trust you with the responsibility to pray for someone as He gives you a specific name and rouses you from a sound sleep? Is your first response, "Wow, I can't sleep," or is it, "Lord, you have called me to prayer and there is a reason this name has been brought before me." Is it not remarkable that God is that intimate, being concerned for the intricate details of one and then connecting that concern to another through the power of His Spirit. Then making the final connection back to Him as we speak in prayer the name placed on our hearts? Now that is a signal beyond human comprehension or technical, programmable genius. And this signal has been in place long before modern technology and the brilliance of man's imagination. We marvel at televisions that give us crystal clear pictures, bounced off satellites in space and reproduced on such a thin screen in our living rooms or the multiple functions of a Blackberry and fail to realize the signal sent from the time of Creation as the Holy Spirit connects with those who are called according to His purpose.

Just as receivers are different in today's world, so God offers diversity in His communication with us. Prayer does not need to remain in the posture you have always given it. In fact, God is prompting you to discover more and more ways to pray and to expand your signal. He wants you to share His heart for larger and greater things as you go to prayer. There is nothing wrong with His willingness to share these greater visions of prayer but it has everything to do with our earnest desire to further our prayer life in as many ways as He instructs.

Do you want to have the kind of prayer life of people who appear to have an instantaneous direct line? Then ask God to help you develop into the prayer warrior with all the latest information available from the spiritual realm - connection beyond all linear time and power exceeding human capabilities and all authored by the Triune God.

Do you want to join our Prayer Warriors team? Send me an e-mail ( or visit us on the prayer website,, and join in the front line of victorious spiritual battle with the power of prayer!




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