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A warrior is a soldier experienced in warfare. When this seasoned warrior releases their abilities in the spiritual realm, connecting with an all knowing, all powerful God, the earthly battle plans change drastically in favor of the Lord's side; miraculous things happen, lives are changed and the Kingdom of God grows in strength and numbers and Truth is its battle cry!

What is it to be a part of the Prayer Warriors?

As a Prayer Warrior for the Southern Territory, you will join hundreds of warriors who have been a part of this ministry for several years. You will receive materials on a quarterly basis which will include a Life Lines Letter, a prayer focus card for your time of prayer and specific prayer requests that will come to you through the confidential prayer request portion of this website. As people make their requests known, this information will be passed on to you, the prayer warrior, so that this army, this great number of intercessors, presents these petitions to the Father. And as this on-line ministry grows, we will relay those answers to prayer as a means of encouragement to the Body that God is actively working on behalf of His children, bestowing blessing upon blessing because of His great love for us.

Prayer is not passive! Prayer is on the frontline of the battle and this will be the most exciting and interactive thing you will ever do as a believer in Christ - engaging the forces of heaven with the forces of this world and waving a flag of victory for the battle belongs to the Lord Who conquers all!

So Become a Prayer Warrior today and be involved in experiencing God through the power of prayer.

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