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What is 24/7 Prayer?

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Ceaseless prayer has always been an intriguing characteristic of the believer. Praying together as a Body and covering the clock in prayer for 168 hours continuously in the period of one week has often begun to clearly draw just one picture of what ceaseless prayer looks like. The advantage of 24/7 prayer is that you are, indeed, achieving the Body of Christ and its connectedness as you pray, sharing in the privilege of petitions to God as well as growing your own spiritual prayer discipline at the same time.

24/7 prayer is a walk of faith. It is making the commitment as a congregation to come to a specific location for the express purpose of prayer and experiencing how God, not only helps to supply the prayer people to stretch their prayer abilities, but the Holy Spirit meets those same people with a new vision of Who He is and gives new life to them in that time of prayer.

• Do you want to experience the power of God involving your whole congregation?

• Are there spiritual battles going on outside the walls of your corps? Have some of those battles crept inside the door?

• Do you long for a more vibrant prayer life for yourself? For your corps?

Then establish a plan to pray! Be intentional.

The 24/7 prayer event in your corps can make all the difference in your personal walk with the Lord. And when you do this in agreement with others the results are astonishing. You are not only working together as a team, but you are working with a Team that knows NO Defeat - the Triune God.

The 24/7 prayer movement is an international, interdenominational network of prayer which has grown from a single prayer room in England and now impacting over 60 nations in less than 10 years. This amazing movement in prayer is putting Christ-centered, mission minded prayer back in the heart of communities around the world and we invite you to share in this amazing power of prayer.

How do we start?

• Establish a time for your congregation to take on round the clock prayer.
• Select a space that will be used exclusively for your time of prayer.
• Create a sign up system for people to see where they can select their time to pray. Some groups have used a large bulletin board in hour long increments for people to insert their names. Others have used ‘day captains' to assemble the prayer people for a 24 hour period. Still others have used a sign-up on a web based system.
• Have a group set up the prayer room according to the context of your congregation (i.e., seating, lighting, materials, prayer stations, etc., may all differ depending on each individual congregation).
• If security is an issue during the late evening and early morning hours, you may opt to have monitors for your building or have people designated to pray off site.
• Involve all age groups to have input into the building of the pray room.
• Have groups to pray for a block of time (i.e., a youth group, a sunbeam troupe, a senior's club).
• Be sure to include materials such as Bibles, Hymnals and Songbooks. Other materials might reflect your tastes such as candles, a writing wall, and themes as in prayer stations with issues for specific prayer focus.
• For those who are new to this discipline, you may want to include instructional information about prayer so that this becomes an even greater learning experience.
• You may wish to include a place where people can write about their experiences, such as a testimony page, as these will be an encouragement to the people who follow in prayer.

What is most important is that there are no two prayer rooms alike because your congregation is as unique as you are, so, be sure that your room reflects the needs of your corps Body.



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