Chronicles 5:20 states that "they were helped because they cried out to Him during the battle, He answered their prayers, because they trusted in Him."

This site will assist you in joining in the ongoing 24/7 prayer initiative as the Southern Territory continues its non-stop prayer. 24/7 prayer is simply prayer that is ceaseless in a fixed location and is linked from person to person, place to place, as we cry out to the Lord in our agreement in prayer.

It is also a site that will function as a clearinghouse calendar of who is praying around the territory and beyond.

It will also list other prayer events, such as the Territorial Prayer and Fasting - Into the Depths. It will function to assist prayer groups so that they may receive encouragement, instruction, inspiration, resources, testimonies, requests and a place where they may function as intercessors for others. As we connect in prayer over this vast territory, we take on the flesh and bones of the Body of Christ, fused together as one for the purpose of His singular Glory!

Be proactive in your prayers by engaging the aggressive battle strategy, making prayer foundational to the life and ministry of The Salvation Army!


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