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Emergency Shelter Programs

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 Emergency Assessment Program

The Emergency Assessment Housing Program provides homeless adults (males and females) shelter, 14 days for men and 21 days for women - Free /No Cost per calendar year.  Breathalyzer is given at entry.  Sex Offenders are not admitted.  Requirements are 2 forms of ID, including a photo ID; also a 3rd party homelessness verification documentation.  Call by 7am each weekday / 8am on the weekend or walk-in to schedule an appointment. Individuals must be able to care for self.  You cannot have a previous balance.  All are given a bed with a locker and 2 meals (breakfast & dinner) per day. Luggage is not permitted; however, all will be provided a bag for one's belongings.  All clothing must be clean; information will be given of agencies in which you will be able to wash your clothes, prior to entrance.  Intake time is 3:30pm to 5:45pm, everyday. This is a night shelter for individuals 18 years old and above. All are assigned chore duties.

Supportive Emergency Program

The Supportive Emergency Program is also a night shelter that offers six months of housing at $10 per night for single homeless individuals (males and females).  Breathalyzer is given at entry. Sex Offenders are not admitted.  Call by 7AM each weekday / 8AM each weekend or walk-in to schedule an appointment.  Intake is 3:30pm to 5:45pm each Day. At intake, requirements are 2 forms of ID, including a photo ID; also a 3rd Party homelessness verification documentation.  Individuals must be able to care for self.  Payment of a previous balance must be paid before entry. All must pay an initial $10 for the first night and the balance of fees are due on Fridays, NO EXCEPTIONS.   Residents will receive a bed with a locker and 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) each day.  Luggage is not permitted; you will be given a bag for your belongings.  All clothing must be clean; information will be given of agencies in which you will be able to wash clothes, prior to entrance.  During the 3 months of shelter, provided services are Case Management, Computer Training, Computer Lab, Life Skills Classes, Exercise Classes, Free Haircuts, Housing Referrals, Home League (Women),  Iron Sharpens Iron (Men) and Random Drug Testing.  All Residents are assigned chore duties. You must be 18 years or older to participate in this housing program.

 Dorm Monitor

The Dorm Monitor program is a leadership development program for in house residents referred by social service department staff. It provides shelter for a single adult male and female up to 7 months, $7 per day. This is a night shelter program only; residents must leave each weekday morning at 7:00AM and each weekend morning at 8:00AM. Residents must be able to care for self and be willing to provide leadership and direction to residents in the dorms. Residents receive a bed, locker & 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner).

 Cold Weather

The Cold Weather Program is a FREE seasonal program for homeless, single adults and families that are in need of night shelter ONLY during the winter months. The program activates only when the temperature is below 40 degrees.  You may walk in at 10:00pm.  Requirements are photo ID, non-intoxication, breathalyzer at entry, and not be a sex offender.  Bedding is provided from 10:30 to 5:00am only.  All participants will be given a sack meal upon departure.  Dates of this program will vary, depending on the weather. Interested individuals should contact Red Shield Services for effective dates.

Re-Entry Program

Homeless parolees and probationers (males and females) are referred by Chrystal Moon, Housing Coordinator for State Board of Pardons and Paroles to the Re-Entry Program for 90 Days.  Fees are also paid through DCA. Services provided by The Salvation Army are intensive case management, shelter, bedding/linen, toiletries, clothing and 3 meals daily. Other services are referrals to attain GA ID, social security card, birth certificate, GeorgiaDepartment of Labor bonding letter; random drug testing, 30-Day drug treatment program, Life Skills Class, Computer Training, Job Readiness Class, Resume Development, Computer Lab, Job Search Programs and Social Outings. All Re-Entry residents will have assigned chores.  





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