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Vets On The Move

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 Caring For Fallen Soldiers

The Veterans on The Move Program is a 4-month (4 phase) Christian-based residential substance abuse program.  All participants must be referred through the VA Health Care for Homeless Veterans program. The program is for veterans with an income of less than $500.  We focus on a holistic approach to recovery, with intense spiritual, addiction and life therapy. It is a faith based program that utilizes the disease concept of addiction.  Residents of the program participate in therapy, classes, 12 step meetings and Bible Studies.  An intricate part of the treatment program is intensive case management.  Also therapy is provided by a licensed clinical staff.  Residents must submit to random testing for alcohol and drugs.  Residents must also be willing to submit and abide by all program rules and regulations.

Phase- 1st- restricted phase during which there is to be no outside physical contact.  Residents are allowed to use the telephone and receive mail, but there is to be no visitation.  Only those instances of medical emergencies or mandated court appearances will result in a resident receiving consent to leave the property during their first phase.

Phase - 2nd-resident are allowed to leave the facility during the week after 4pm.  On weekends, residents may leave the facility during the day.  Any resident leaving the facility on the weekend should be prepared to remain outside of the facility until 3:30pm for the females and 4pm for the males.  In both instances, clients are to return to the facility before curfew.  Residents are responsible for making the required 12 step meetings and submitting weekly paperwork to their individual case manager. 

Phase- 3rd- this phase allows residents to seek employment or volunteer activities.  Residents no longer attend day classes.  They are required to attend their weekly therapy sessions, 12 step meetings, and evening classes.  Weekly submission of paperwork is still required.

Phase-4-residents are still required to find or seek employment, attend their weekly therapy sessions and Case Manager Meeting, and weekly submission of paperwork is also still required. 12 step meetings may also continue to be mandatory, depending on case manager discretion.  Residents file in this phase will be reviewed every three months to determine whether or not they will be allowed to continue to remain in the program.      



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