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How Are We Different

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 Similar, Yet Distinctly Different

How are The Salvation Army's Boys & Girls Clubs similar to regular Boys & Girls Club Organizations? Both are designed to serve the local needs of the communities in which they operate and both are chartered by Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Being chartered by Boys & Girls Clubs of America, both meet the membership requirements and standards of operation of the national organization, and share a common philosophy of youth development strategies and techniques. In addition, both take advantage of the many programs and services offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of America to its local affiliates.

Although The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs are, in most ways, similar to regular Boys & Girls Club organizations they, nonetheless, are distinctly unique! The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs have the advantage of being part of two of the most effective and trusted national nonprofit organizations in the world; thereby, benefiting from the vast experience and mission of both these great movements. Further, as a Christian organization, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs offer programs and services that emulate Christian principles. This is accomplished in the following ways:

  1. Having trained Salvation Army Officers, staff and volunteers model Christian values and ethics for youth to learn to admire, follow and incorporate into how they live their lives, overcome obstacles, and achieve success.
  2. Displaying "The Ten Commandments" and other Christian messages in our Clubs.
  3. Celebrating traditional American holidays... Christmas, Easter, the Fourth of July, etc.
  4. Providing voluntary Bible programs and prayer opportunities.
  5. Offering a sixth voluntary "core program area" - Spiritual Development in our program delivery system. This core program area exposes young people to structured activities in:
    • The impact of Judeo-Christian principles in American history and government.
    • The biographies of famous Christians and their impact on American society.
    • The exploring of ethical issues, utilizing biblically based decision-making models for enhancing character development.
    • The science behind Creationism.
    • The fundamentals of family life education.
    • Offering Christian resident summer camps for youth.
    • Providing the support system of The Salvation Army's social service delivery system to the families of the youth we serve.

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Atlanta is successful, as are all Boys & Girls Clubs because they provide young people with a tangible measure of hope. The Club offers young people what they need and want most - adults who respect and listen to them; a safe environment where they can have fun and be themselves; and interesting, constructive activities that channel youthful energy into challenging pursuits. Further, all Boys & Girls Club programs are based on a youth development strategy that builds character and self-confidence, and instills a sense of belonging, competence, usefulness and influence.

Since 1928, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Atlanta has been at the forefront of youth development, working predominantly with young people from economically and socially disadvantaged circumstances. The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Atlanta has actively sought to enrich the lives of these girls and boys whom other youth agencies fail to reach. Our Clubs are dedicated to ensuring that our community's disadvantaged youngsters have greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their futures.It is for this reason that our Clubs are located in Atlanta's most socially and economically challenged neighborhoods.

Each day after school, on days when schools are closed, as well as during the summer months, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs provide programs and services that meet the needs and interests of program participants by creating a positive environment impacting youth with fun, learning, personal and spiritual growth experiences. 

Clubs offer daily access to a broad range of programs in six Core Program Areas:

  • Education and Career Development
  • Character and Leadership Development
  • Health and Life Skills
  • The Arts
  • Sports, Fitness and Recreation
  • Spiritual Development [voluntary]

Boys & Girls Clubs are indeed special places that become a young person's very own. Professional staff, trained part-time workers and volunteers utilize time-tested methods and programs to ensure that these youth develop carry-over skills and attitudes that enable them to succeed in school, in their communities, at home, and in their future adult lives.

Today, more than 4,000 boys and girls are taking advantage of the programs, activities and services provided by The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Atlanta. In these Clubs, they learn to take control of their lives, envision productive futures, and achieve their personal goals. And, most assuredly, these Clubs provide the young people we serve two of the most enduring gifts we can bestow on our children... roots and wings.

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs are unique places created by The Salvation Army, that offer programs and services that exemplify and actively practice Christian principles. This is done in a way that causes recipients of our services to learn to admire the values, ethics and skills presented, and incorporate them into their own lives. To reach today's young people and their families in a non-threatening our Clubs create an accepting, positive and challenging environment where young people of every background, circumstance, race, creed and religion feel welcomed. As part of the Salvation Army's family and services, this program is offered to the poorest and most needy among us. It is for this reason that The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Atlanta is so vital to The Salvation Army's mission and ministry.



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