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Angel Tree Program Frequently Asked Questions


How Angel Tree works:

  • Select an "Angel" from the Angel Tree display.
  • Shop for your special angel.
  • Gifts should be unwrapped.
  • Make sure each gift is labeled with your angel's name and code number.
  • If your Angel Tree display is at a business, return the gift(s) to the Angel Tree coordinator by the designated return date.
  • If your Angel Tree display is at an area mall, return the gift(s) to the mall Angel Tree by the designated return date.

How does someone become a Salvation Army "Angel"?

The Salvation Army identifies families in need at its Christmas Cheer Center. Each Angel Tree family is interviewed by a Salvation Army representative or by a participating local agency representative. Children 12 and younger from qualifying families become our angels.

What are the different types of Angels I can choose from?

  • Angels: Children, from infants to age 12 from families who are registered for Christmas assistance from The Salvation Army.
  • Forgotten Angels: Children 12 and younger who are not adopted from The Salvation Army Angel Tree.

How can I be sure that the Angel I am adopting is not registered with another non-profit agency for Christmas assistance?

The Salvation Army participates in the "Clearing House" which is a community program that many non-profit agencies participate in throughout the Christmas season. Each non-profit agency registers it clients to ensure that no family has applied at more than one agency for assistance. If a family has applied at numerous agencies, the "Clearing House" system will note that the family is registered at another agency. The system was devised to ensure agencies are not duplicating each others efforts and that as many people as possible in the Austin Area are helped and only once.

Can I help my Angel all year round Can I meet my Angel?

The Salvation Army maintains confidentiality of all participants in the Angel Tree Program so direct contact with your Angel is not possible.

My Angel wants a doll for Christmas. How do I know what type they want?

We try to obtain this information whenever possible, but the applicant may not specify. Use your best judgment.

Should I purchase my Angel's clothing or toy wish?

You may purchase your Angel's want, need or both. You may choose another age appropriate gift that you think would be appropriate. Any gift is appreciated by your Angel.

Do you need the receipts for Angel Tree gifts?

The Salvation Army does not need your receipt(s) for the gift(s) you purchase for your Angel. Please retain the receipts for your own tax records.

The Salvation Army has so many trucks. Why won't they pick-up Angel Tree gifts from all Corporate Angel Tree participants?

The Salvation Army trucks that you see all over town are not affiliated with our Christmas program. These trucks are owned and operated by the Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC). The ARC serves chemically dependent individuals through counseling, work therapy, and recreational activities. The center is self-supporting and depends solely on the sales of donated items through their thrift stores. Through the work therapy program, the clients learn a trade such as re-upholstering furniture and repairing electrical equipment such as refrigerators, etc. The Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for the ARC which requires use of all their trucks.

How do you ensure that my Angel receives the gifts purchased for them?

The Salvation Army goes to great lengths to make sure each gift goes to the appropriate Angel. Our labeling and bagging process is the method we use to ensure that this happens. Therefore, we ask that each gift purchased for an Angel be individually labeled with the Angel code/name located on the Angel's tag and returned to the Salvation Army no later than the cut off date. We also ask that all gifts for each Angel are bagged in a mesh bag and that the mesh bag is labeled with the Angel's code and name. If the gifts were to become separate from one another, we would be able to place the gifts in the appropriate family bag.


To sponsor 1 - 24 Angels you may visit Barton Creek mall (lower level in front of Macy's) or Lakeline Mall (upper level in front of JC Penny) beginning November 20.

Registration for the 2010 Angel Tree Program is closed.

Yes, Sign us up for the 2010 Angel Tree Program

Please include your contact information (name, organization, address, phone) and number of angel tree ornaments requested

All gift donations will be due at the Salvation Army Christmas Cheer Center by Friday, December 11th.



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