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Please accept our invitation to become an Ambassador for Salvation Army.  Becoming an Ambassador for us means staying connected.

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"FTC & Social Network Disclosures"

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace

The owners of this website, Salvation Army , agree to not directly compensate individuals participating in the Ambassador program for specific content that they may choose to share on their individual social network accounts, including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace.

Individuals that choose to share content from this website either through the Ambassador program or directly do so on an entirely voluntary basis, and have acknowledged by using this site and by participating in the Ambassador program that they will not be compensated for any specific postings that they may choose to share. This is to ensure compliance with:, and

Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission, under their revised require the disclosure of affiliate relationship and material connection for individuals posting content where they may be materially compensated. This disclosure is hereby provided. If you are reading this, you may have clicked on a link promoted by an individual participating in our Ambassador program. Although we do not directly compensate individuals in any manner for individual content promotions or postings, individuals that sign up for the Ambassador program in general may receiving compensation in the form of coupons, discounts, contest entries for prizes, and other non-cash incentives. Please note that these incentives are provided solely for registering to become an Ambassador, and are not related to any individual's decision to assist in sharing specific content items on their various social networks.



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