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Emergency Services

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Throughout Maryland, The Salvation Army is well known for its readiness and capability to give emergency individual and family assistance quickly and compassionately.  Such assistance includes emergency food, lodging, clothing, furniture, rent, and/or utilities assistance.  In addition to emergency assistance, our basic needs services also include weekly Lifeskills development programs, supportive social services for families and individuals, emergency response to fires, floods and other Disasters, and institutional visitations to the infirmed and the elderly.


Food Pantries and Food Baskets -  Each of TSA’s Family Service Centers houses an on-site food pantry stocked with non-perishable food and toiletry items Walk-ins and scheduled clients are eligible to receive items upon verification of identification and proof of housing with cooking facilities.  Each applicant is provided a three-day supply of groceries appropriate for his/or her household size.   Applicants are eligible for this service every three months.


Utilities and Rent Assistance - TSA Family Service Centers provide immediate monetary assistance to qualified applicants with Utility turn-off prevention, and Eviction Assistance to applicants residing in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard, Carroll and North Anne Arundel Counties who qualify as a low-income household, and who can show proof of current utilities turn-off or eviction status.

Clothing Assistance - Each Family Service Center and the Booth House has an on-site clothing closet.  Walk-in and scheduled clients request and receive clean and suitable clothing items to meet their basic needs, such as warm clothes for winter months, infant and children’s clothing items, and diapers for infants and toddlers.  Our “Dress For Success” closet also provides clothes for clients who require proper dress for employment or school.

Household Furnishings Assistance -Vouchers for Emergency household furnishings are provided through our Family Service Centers and Booth House. Furnishing may come from several sources including Salvation Army Thrift Stores or other salvage programs.


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