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Corps Community Centers

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Baltimore Hampden

3401 Roland Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21211

Corps Officers: Majors
David & Susan Dewan
(410) 366-6187

Baltimore Middle River

1400 Fuselage Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21220

Corps Officers: Captains Charles & Kristy Nkanza (410) 682-2452

Baltimore Temple

1601 Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21223

Corps Officers: Lieutenants Aaron & Rebekkah Abram (410) 233-7434

Salvation Army officer and girl


At the heart of The Salvation Army programs are its Corps Community Centers. The three Baltimore Area "corps" serve as both places of worship and service to their respective communities. Each Salvation Army Officer is ordained and serves as pastor and director of all corps’ activities. In addition to weekly worship opportunities, corps’ activities include Bible studies, men’s and women’s fellowship/service clubs, pastoral counseling, music education, and volunteer work. Corps Community Centers also offer religious and social programs for youth and young adult members. Among these activities are: Sunday School, The Adventure Corps (a program similar to Boy Scouts), and Sunbeams and Girl Guards (similar to Brownies and Girl Scouts). Music classes, athletics, arts and crafts and camping offer each youngster opportunities for development of special talents and skills.



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