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Boys & Girls Clubs of Charleston & St. Albans

What is the mission and history of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Charleston and St. Albans? The Boys & Girls Club mission is to inspire all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, caring citizens. The Club in Charleston has been in operation since 1965 with an annual membership of 250 and the Club in St. Albans has been open since 2004 with an annual membership of 100. Our membership rolls and alumni continue to grow along with the success stories of children that go on to be productive citizens.

What makes our program different?
Studies show that transportation and cost are the two most apparent barriers to quality after-school programs. The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Clubs in Charleston and St. Albans provide transportation from school and only charge a $25 membership fee for the entire school year. In addition, many after-school programs are only for elementary school students. We provide after-school programs for youth ages 6-18. We have the youth involved with age appropriate activities and programs that incorporate our three goals: academic success and job readiness, healthy lifestyles, and good character and citizenship. Many partnerships, collaborations, and volunteers from the area are involved in making our programs such a success!

Our Core Promise:

To America's Youth:
To provide a safe, positive place and have a significant impact on their lives.

To the Nation:
To uphold high ethical standards in all areas, especially in overseeing our finances, reporting data on membership and community outreach, being good stewards of the donor dollar and representing ourselves to the public.

We envision a future in which the Boys & Girls Club Movement is a catalyst for an age in which success is within reach of every child, and whole generations of children are inspired to a level of civic engagement not seen since the founding of our nation.


Program information:
The needs and interests of Club members are met through diverse, integrated and intentional programming. Programs should be offered in all of the following five Core Program Areas and specialized initiatives:
• Character And Leadership Development
• Education And Career Development
• Health And Life Skills
• The Arts
• Sports, Fitness And Recreation

Club Hours
           o School year: 2:30pm to 7:00pm (all changes in hours or closings for no school days, early dismissals, & holidays are posted)
           o Summer: 8:30am to 5:30pm

♦ Located in Charleston (#342-8831) & St. Albans (#722-4307)

♦ Ages 6 and up

♦ Membership fee: $25.00 per child per school year, $25.00 per summer

Program Outcomes:
Outcomes are defined as the benefits participants receive during or after involvement with a program. It describes a change that may relate to knowledge, skills, attitudes or behavior. Boys & Girls Clubs define and communicate their success of a program by measuring outcomes.

Youth Development Outcomes:
      • Positive Self-Identity - Youth set and attain goals. They have a positive view of their future by confidently making the necessary decisions to achieve their life plans. Self-sufficiency and the ability to support themselves along with others is a result of this outcome.
      • Health and Well-being - Youth adopt a healthy diet. They practice healthy lifestyle choices and make a lifelong commitment to fitness.
      • Positive Values - Youth develop and demonstrate strong character. They are guided by positive values including honesty, integrity, caring and fairness.
      • Commitment to Learning - Youth value education and lifelong learning. Their commitment becomes an integral part of their future plans.
      • Social Competency - Youth have positive relationships with family, friends and coworkers. In addition to appreciating cultural diversity.
      • Community and Civic Involvement - Youth are engaged citizens of their community and the world.

Helping young people achieve these long-term outcomes is the reason Boys & Girls Clubs exist. Regardless of the program or activity being offered, the number one goal of Club staff should be to provide guidance and to assist youth in meeting these outcomes. Many broad long-term goals are often costly and difficult to measure. On the other hand, Clubs should define and measure outcomes that could be substituted for the achievement of long term outcomes. Doing so is beyond the ability of most Clubs. Instead, Clubs should define the outcomes that contribute to members' achievement of long-term goals but can be measured in the near-term.
Determining Program Outcomes
The outcomes of specific programs are intermediate steps on the way to these long-term goals. In thinking about program outcomes, Club staff should first ask how their activities and programs are designed to help youth make progress in each area. Outcomes may be determined by:
§ Organizational mission
§ Community/youth needs and interests
§ Information about gaps in service within the community

What do parents say about the Club?
"Thank you for being here and for the hours you are open. You really have enriched our lives and have made my son feel special. We love the employees and volunteers too - They are all awesome!"

"My child has problems making friends, so the club gives him the opportunity to feel a part of a group of kids his own age."

"My child has had an increase in grades and self-esteem due to her membership at the club. She seems to have overcome her shyness and has more self confidence since becoming a member."

"My child loves coming to the club and has developed positive relationships with the adult staff."

"I would have no place for my son to go after school or on school holidays if the club was not open because I cannot afford private sitters or day care. I would not be able to work full time at all."

What do our members say about the Club?
"I like everything about the club. I get to play and be with friends. Sometimes, I am a little slow with my homework and I get the extra help that I need from staff."

"The one thing I have learned at the club is to be more respectful."

"I have been afraid to socialize and the club has taught me that I can do it."

The Positive Place for Kids

5210 poster final


These are pictures of all the staff and kids having a prayer in the gym with Youthworks today. They wanted to pray with us before they left to go back to Michigan. They said they had a very blessed week. They bought each of our kids a Bible and they made prayer boxes with them. It was wonderful. Just wanted to share the good things that are happening here.

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