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The Salvation Army
Charlottesville Virginia Corps
Advisory Board Roster
New members are involved with several important programs of the Salvation Army. “Being associated with the Salvation Army is a great opportunity to give back to Community and try and offer hope and help to those who need it most. This is a real honor for me and I look forward to being a positive contributor to Charlottesville’s Salvation Army,” said new Board member, Roger Burchett.
The Advisory Board contains those volunteers with the most impact in the community.


Chairperson Wade Tremblay 
1st Vice Chair Tim Rose

David F. Cooke, II          Meg Fisher
Patricia Fleshman Burnette          Althea Brooks
Susan G. Harris          
Bob Kahn          
Dory Hulse         Finance Life Members:
Phil Kiester          
Patricia Mete         Member Emeritus:
Fred Greer         Bob Pflugfelder
Richard Nunley          
Carolyn Rainey          
Tim Rose         Member Emeritus:
Nancy Takahashi         Warren A. Bushey
Sheila B. Tate         Donald W. Jones

Karen Rogers




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