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     The Salvation Army was founded in London, England in 1865. The Army made its way to America in 1880 and in 1890 began in Nashville focusing on problems specific to the area. Clarksville was first opened as a corps from January 1909 until May 30, 1910. It was re-opened on November 5, 1921 until April 29, 1925. We have very limited information about these times when the corps was opened, as they predate the territory.

      On November 4, 1957 Clarksville was opened as a welfare office under Hopkinsville, KY. A separate advisory board was organized on September 2, 1959 and re-organized on June 14, 1967. This is not standard procedure, to have an AB without a corps. It was still a welfare office, and often treated like an unofficial outpost. (Today this would probably have been a service center, but they did not have that designation at that time.)

      From 1961 to 1972 the office was run by Mr. N.C. Miller and his wife. They lived in the house that served as the welfare office. Mr. Miller was, in 1972, 84 years old and had formerly been an officer, having been commissioned in England in 1906. He was in and out of office over the years, his last appointment in 1933. He even served as a non-commissioned corps assistant in Clarksville for part of 1921. Officers were appointed to run the Clarksville welfare office beginning in February 1973, Majors Vern and Verona Hall and then Lts. Russell and Johanna Wilt in September 1976.

      Clarksville was again reopened as a corps on May 22, 1978 at 416 N. 2nd Ave. with Aux.-Capt. Mrs. Amanda Hogg as corps officer. She had been there since 1977. The corps was closed on February 3, 1980 and downgraded to a service unit. The longstanding advisory board was converted to a service unit committee.

      The corps was yet again reopened on July 9, 1989 at 245 West Ave. with Sgt. Joyce Lance as corps administrator. A thrift store was opened at the same time at 123 N. Riverside Dr. A shelter was opened in 1991. The corps office was moved to a new, permanent location of 208 Kraft St. with the opening of the James Amos shelter in February 2009.


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