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What's Hangin in the CB?

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Winston Priest

Life in the CB is always busy. We have just finished our work for the upcoming Commissioning weekend. We are servicing and rebuilding a number of websites for the territory. We are busy producing several videos of varying lengths and type. We have been training Public Information Officers (which has included media training) for the Hurricane Season that has just commenced. We are also managing a new concept for the territory, a Ministry Tool Kit. More on this innovation in another edition of the eNewsletter.

sharpy nose

Sharpy Nose Silva - R.I.P.

I'm currently working on this e-newsletter that you are reading, starting to coordinate the look and feel for the Ministry Tool Kit Website, as well as getting ready to join the National Internet Development Team for the design of the new national website.

Ps: I also work on every request that Mark Jones and Chris McGown have pretty much on weekly basis, if it wasn't for that my life would be way easier!


Talladega Stafford

I am back from maternity leave. I have been working on two different PIO courses, one that was just piloted during the Disaster Conference; these are being updated and will hopefully roll out soon. I have also just finished the Summer ENewsletter. I am trying to help with the communication of the field PR Directors, including PR Conference Calls, Twitter and Facebook!


Osa Dake

I have started archiving the video library.  I am also working on a couple of video editing projects.   The General has requested Brengle: My Life's Ambition, a musical that was performed at the Holiness Congress, be performed at the International Leaders Forum in London in July.  I am creating the PowerPoint and video for the production.


Sampson Rhodes

I am editing the International Video Symposium (IVS) and the 2009 Territorial Human Resources Leadership Conference. I also just completed a video project for the upcoming hurricane season, which is in the ENewsletter. During my spare time (haha, what spare time?!?), I am reorganizing the storage room and studio. I am currently on a cruise on vacation!




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