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Walmart / Sams Club Christmas Partnership

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Walmart / Sams Club Christmas Partnership


Wal Mart/Sams will again make an exception for The Salvation Army to allow kettles at its stores continuously from Friday November 27 through December 24.

While Wal Mart/Sams has again allowed this exception, which means that all of its stores will be available for kettles throughout this period, it is possible that some prior commitments may have been made locally which will result in other organizations being present for solicitations on some of those days.            &nb sp;              ;       

A copy of a Wal Mart Corporation letter authorizing kettles will be made available as soon as it is received here at THQ.

Dream Drive

Sams Club will be sponsoring the Dream Drive in selected markets. This is the shopping spree in which NFL Players Wives participate in shopping for needy families at Sams Club. In the past $1,000 per family was provided by Sams Club. Please note this promotion does not affect the majority of units/commands in the South.

Sams Club have indicated that there would be a larger budget this year but has still to decide on the total number of media markets or the total number of families to be served.

Details of commands affected will be made available soon, together with a list of markets and dates. Last year $2,000 was provided to each market for the purchase of toys for the local Christmas program, but that will be discontinued this year.

Grant         & nbsp;   

As in previous years, Wal Mart/Sams will provide a national grant of $ 1 million, designated for services provided during the Christmas season.  The grant document is currently being prepared and we have been advised that the funds should be available by early December.

Please note that there will be no pre Thanksgiving Wal Mart/Sams kettle kickoff this year, nor a Celebrity Bell Ringing effort.

As with all national partnerships, please begin to build on the relationships you have established already with your local Wal Mart and Sams Club management, remembering managers are moved from branch to branch just as we move our officers. For those corps officers at new appointments it is critical that you begin building your relationship with these important contacts as soon as you can. We hear too often of managers who refuse to allow us to ring bells, or make life very difficult. Often this is because they have never been contacted by the corps officer until the last minute when kettle season is about to start.



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