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Graphic Design Tips

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All of us have been at the crossroad of deciding on "which color should I use?", whether it is for a font, a background or even just an underline. The fact is every color decision should have "reason why".

In an interview with an important college professor in Paris, the professor talked about the gender of the design; even though 70% of designers are men, women are more sensitive to color combinations, contrast, etc.

The Salvation Army's web color palette provides us with the corporate colors as a reference for color combination, uniformity among our designs and for Branding purposes. But what about when we really need our design to stand out for a season or event? With Christmas colors varying from those of Easter or fall, how do we fit these varying seasons and events into The Salvation Army's web color palette?

Web 2.0 has brought even more challenges with new colors out of the web safe colors palette with bold fonts, shinny effects (like and strong use of the perspective with lots of 3D modeling. Click here to know more about color on the web



Adobe is trying to help, so they just released a new on-line tool named Kuler. This site is awesome!!! If you pick a color of your preference, this web based software gives you a complete set of colors to combine and contrast. The pre-set color palettes created for professionals around the world are remarkable. Check out Adobe Kuler for more information.

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