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Summer 2008 Issue

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PR Conference Call!!!

You are invited to join us for our monthly PR Conference call. Any questions or ideas are welcome. The main topic of discussion for this call will be suggestions to discuss at the Communications Committee in September.

When: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 at 10 am EST

I will email details a week or so before the call.



It is a pleasure on behalf of Major Ron Busroe, CRD Secretary, to announce the second of two sessions for 2008 of Web Development Training to be held September 10 & 11 at THQ in Atlanta, Georgia.

The two days of training will take place in the IT classroom at THQ. Corps/Units are responsible for the cost for travel and accommodation for each session. THQ will reserve rooms at a local hotel with a special reduced rate ($89.00 plus taxes per night), will sponsor the training, provide lunch and breaks on training days, and provide ongoing divisional and field support through the Communications Bureau. The cost of the course to each corps is a fraction of outsourcing design and maintenance services. Remember, any kind offer of free web design and hosting does not include daily site maintenance.

Please contact Laura Stafford at or 404.728.6700 x.675 if you have any questions or would like to attend.


Improve Your Media Relations Right Now: Ten Tips

By Xenophon Strategies

In this world of 24/7 news coverage, a communications professional working with a high-profile organization such as The Salvation Army must be constantly vigilant - not only in promoting good news but in managing potentially negative news. Working in the Community Relations and Development Office uniquely positions you to be at the forefront of this vigilance - guarding and burnishing the Army's reputation through media response and strategically placed news stories. As you know, your job is a critical part of the Army's ability to fundraise - which makes you a critical part of the Army's Mission of doing the most good .

Following are 10 steps you can take everyday to improve your media relations capabilities and better serve the Army's Mission.

1. Read, watch and listen to your local media - every single day: It's important to know what media are saying about the Army just as it's important to know what media are reporting, generally. Read, watch and listen to your local news everyday to see what the big stories are in your area and consider how the Army might be involved either voluntarily as a result of your efforts, or involuntarily as the result of developments you may not control. For example, let's say your local newspaper has been reporting on how the closing of a factory is impacting the local economy. Perhaps there's an angle about what the Army is doing to help the families of those losing jobs. Or maybe you can talk about how the closure might impact overall fundraising in the community. The web is a great resource for keeping tabs on media. Bookmark the home-page for local newspapers, television and radio stations and check them daily. You may also keep an eye on influential blogs and other web-based media in your community.

2. Know who in your media covers non-profits - not just The Salvation Army: In addition to reviewing local media coverage generally, you will want to pay particular attention to reporters and journalists who cover The Salvation Army and other area nonprofits. Even outlets that don't have a dedicated nonprofit "beat" reporter will typically have someone who covers organizations such as The Salvation Army. Introduce yourself to these journalists and try to establish a relationship - offer yourself as a resource for future coverage and keep an eye on what they are reporting. With more cutbacks and layoffs in newsrooms across the country everyday, it's more important than ever to carefully monitor newsrooms so that you can keep your media contact lists up-to-date.

3. Stay organized - prepare a long-term schedule for yourself and stick to it: What are you doing right now to plan for media around events and issues that you know will occur in a week, a month or three months? Keep up to date on what is going on in your community - and within the Army itself - and plan media outreach accordingly. For example, if your location sponsors a Thanksgiving dinner for impoverished families every year - work out an outreach plan ahead of time - preparing materials, media lists, pitch emails, etc. Of course, the nature of public relations is such that plans can and do change. But, having a general outline and idea of how you plan to move forward helps.

4. Always prepare for media interviews: Whether it's you, your Divisional Commander or even a Salvation Army client granting a media interview, you always want to be prepared. Never go into an interview, or allow someone else to go into an interview, without having thought through what needs to be conveyed. Before an interview, try to predict the reporter's questions and prepare answers. Practice answering these questions. If possible, read articles by the reporter to better understand their style of reporting. Reports have one common goal - to get their stories as quickly and accurately as possible. Help them by being prepared.

5. Talk to your boss - often: Communicate regularly with the officer in charge of your department. Perhaps set a weekly meeting with him or her. Keep him apprised of your work and plans and get feedback. Discuss what he or she has on their agenda and how the topics may be news-worthy. Thus, when you have successfully pitched a front-page story in the local newspaper, your officer won't be surprised when a reporter calls for an interview! And you can be better prepared for those issues that may take a few weeks to develop into a news-worthy topic

6. You can't do this by yourself - know who can help you: Nobody can do this job alone. Talk to as many people within the Army as possible. Keep in touch with your area camp director; check in with the local thrift store administrator; speak to the head of the regional homeless shelter. Always be on the lookout for possible news stories from these various sources. Also, keep in mind that territorial and national resources are available. Never hesitate to contact the Territory or National Headquarters if a request or issue is beyond your capacity to accommodate. National stories and issues should always be referred to the national CRD office - through Territorial Headquarters..

7. Use materials that have been prepared to help you: Many resources are available to help you - take advantage of them. The national CRD office and Southern Territory Communications Bureau regularly distribute issue briefings, media material templates, PSAs and other items that may help your day-to-day media outreach. Much of this material is also available on In the coming months, National Headquarters will also introduce a national media policy. In addition to outlining guidelines for media response and crisis communication, the guide also includes various resources with suggestions on how to grant interviews, how to build media relationships, how to prepare a spokesperson and other topics.

8. Utilize your Web site: Your Web site is the first place many will go when they want to learn about The Salvation Army's activities in the community. Take advantage of this by keeping the site up-to-date with new information on Army news and events. The more you are able to update your Web site, the more incentive reporters and the general public will have to come back and visit. During a crisis, the Web site can be an excellent place to post updated information for interested parties. Make sure that the Web site is a functional resource for reporters - with contact information for your office and news updates prominently featured.

9.Keep a process in place: Ensure that there is a process for media response and outreach in place so that your office can operate even when you are unavailable. Make certain that others in your office are aware of the process and can step in for you. It is wise to have these guidelines and procedures written down. Maintain materials such as a media list and press release templates in an easily accessible place so that - even when you are unavailable - the CRD office won't skip a beat.

10.Remember the Mission of the Army: Xenophon Strategies has been privileged to work in media training settings with several hundred officers and staff during the past three years. One lesson that we have learned and have since offered to others in these training settings is this - during interviews or discussions with media, use your experiences supporting the Army to demonstrate the Mission-based work of the organization and the reason behind it. For example, if an officer is talking about homeless services, it is more powerful to personalize the message - that is, "Let me tell you what it's like to be on the streets at 1 a.m., in the winter. I've been there..." The blue uniforms and the shield with the cross may be the most visible signs to a reporter of what the Army stands for, but the stories people can tell of how they embrace the Mission to serve those who need it most resonate far beyond any news program, newspaper or Web site.

Xenophon Strategies, a Washington, D.C.-based public affairs agency, has worked the past four years in support of The Salvation Army, reporting through the National Community Relations and Development Office. These tips were compiled by the Xenophon staff that primarily supports the Army, including Matt Meenan, Mark Hazlin, Bob Brady, Jay Silverberg and Michele Marin.


Arkansas-Oklahoma Division

Top Highlights:

The Arkansas-Oklahoma Division is comprised of four Area Commands, 30 Corps, one Outpost, two Harbor Lights, and 70+ Service Units.

The division is extremely proud of its long-enduring partnerships with Utility companies (Oklahoma Natural Gas - Share The Warmth, Oklahoma Gas & Electric - Lend-A-Hand, Public Service Company of Oklahoma - Light-A-Life and Arkansas Western Gas - Hearts Warming Homes), the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, the Governor's Offices across the division as well as Chesapeake Energy and Devon Energy. These partnerships are unique because they allow The Salvation Army to provide energy assistance to qualifying households needing assistance with electric, gas, wood or propane not giving preference to our utility partners.

And, unlike the Federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), our programs are not income-based, but rather a comprehensive approach that analyzes the cause of the problem, and offers relief through short-term help with energy costs, as well as aid packages that can include job training and referrals, groceries, clothing, alternative housing, counseling and other types of support. These programs are broad-based community-friendly programs with name recognition, public support, media awareness, and have stood the test of time, serving Arkansans and Oklahomans for more than a quarter of a century.

The division was also an active participant in the Katrina Aid Today program providing more than $2.25 million in assistance to over 3,000 people impacted by Hurricane Katrina. The amount of assistance provided by AOK's Katrina Aid Today program constituted more than 20% of the total assistance *$10.7 million) given by The Salvation Army's KAT programs across the nation. Through KAT, AOK was able to put more than 900 families on the road to recovery through innovative assistance including driving school, job training programs, tuition assistance, and a vehicle purchase program.

Quote from one of the KAT clients: "If it weren't for Katrina Aid Today, I know that I would not be where I am today. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Angela was my angel. She did for me what nobody else was willing to do. Thank God for The Salvation Army and thank God for the Katrina Aid Today program."

Emergency Disaster Services and PIO:

The AOK Division also hosts an Annual Disaster Conference to provide TSA Emergency Disaster Services training to Officers, employees and volunteers, as well as providing training for Critical Incident Stress Management, First Aid, NIMS (National Incident Management System), and more.

The AOK Division has had the following declared disasters since January 1, 2007:

Arkansas - 2008 - Four (4) Federal Declared Disasters

Oklahoma - 2007 - Nine (9) Federal Declared Disasters

2008 - Seven (7) Federal Declared Disasters

The AOK Division has been hit with severe Winter Storms, Severe Storms, Tornadoes, and Flooding. Cindy Fuller is the Divisional Public Information Officer (PIO) and is responsible for notifying media, the AOK Division and THQ of ongoing efforts and assistance available to the public. In December 2007, Cindy completed the FEMA Advanced Public Information Officer course in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

In 2009, the AOK Division is hoping to hold regional disaster training to make it easier for employees and volunteers to participate. Additionally, the AOK Division has a strong relationship with Kiwanians who volunteer and help provide training for disaster response.

Key Events (Division and Corps):


  • Fan Club: Advisory Board promoted donating $25 or more to help provide fans to those in need. Upon donation, a decal was provided showing they are a Fan Club member supporting The Salvation Army.

Central Arkansas Area Command:

  • Boutique in Thrift Store ..... Opened Cinderella Boutique in 2006 so as to provide beautiful, affordable formals for those less fortunate.

El Dorado:

  • SOUP-er Bowl: A program that provides a bowl of soup, hot coffee and/or hot chocolate during bitter cold times on a daily basis.
  • Basketball Sundays: Community Basketball open on Sunday afternoons to help bring in people off the streets, i.e., gangs in a neutral environment. Has lead to increased attendance at worship services.

Fort Smith:

  • Women's Auxiliary - Fashion Boutique within Thrift store that recently allocated several thousand dollars back to the Corps.

Northwest Arkansas Area Command:

  • 2nd Annual Golf Tournament - grew over 100% in second year
  • Rededication of Springdale Corps - The Springdale Corps recently celebrated a rededication of the Corps with hundreds in attendance.
  • Springdale Corps - Ministering to a very diverse ethnic community including in English, Spanish, and Marshallese. The Salvation Army is ministering to the largest group of Marshallese outside of the Marshall Islands.

Oklahoma City Area Command:

  • Due to highway construction and rerouting through downtown OKC, Area Command, shelter, soup kitchen, social services must all be relocated
  • Back to School Program: Undergarments and Socks are provided as well as backpacks filled with school supplies. In 2007, over 5,300 undergarments and socks were provided to children in need. The Women's Auxiliary funds the purchase of the needed items.


  • 25th Annual Spaghetti Day raised $25k - Annual event that community supports - so much - they must have a lunch and a dinner in order to seat everyone
  • Back to School Program: Provides backpacks with school supplies, as well as a pair of shoes and clothing to over 1500 children each year.

Tulsa Area Command:

  • Annual Salvation Army Benefit Dinner: In 2008, over $1.3 million raised for The Army's programs in Tulsa.
  • Hosted 1st Annual "Women Helping Women" Charity Golf Tournament & Silent Auction in May 2008.

Web Template:

The AOK Division now has 17 websites and 21 domains pointing to those websites. Cindy is responsible for training both Officers and employees to create and manage websites as well as monitoring websites within the division for updates and accuracy. The division continues to encourage all Corps to develop websites using the web template.

Divisional PR Director

Cindy Fuller is the AOK Divisional Marketing and Public Relations Director. She supports Planned Giving and Resource Development, works with Corps and Area Commands to build public awareness and to coordinate promotional materials and events division wide. She is also for promoting the brand of Doing The Most Good throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma.

In Cindy's spare time, she enjoys readings, working in the yard and entertaining family and friends. She and her husband, Tony, also an employee of TSA, recently celebrated the marriage of their daughter, Taylor, to Kevin Thomas.


Doing The Most Good

For those of you who have joined us since July 2004 I hope that someone somewhere has thoroughly educated you in our branding promise. First and foremost it is "our" promise as officers, employees and volunteers of The Salvation Army to do the most good-the best we possibly can in everything that we undertake for the mission of The Salvation Army.

It is not enough to simply paint those words on our vans, or print them on our letterhead and business cards. It has to be our personal promise, shown in every action and word, thought, and motive.

Yes we still see the shield without the brand, and yes there are still those on the inside who are seemingly determined to undermine any mention of the promise. Even last week and officer asked me why we couldn't start using Heart to God, Hand to Man" again as in his opinion the slogan said we were a church far more effectively than "Doing the Most Good." I was quick to point out that the former mentioned ‘slogan' was just that-a slogan. No one in the community had heard of it (research has proved) and it was not a promise that any of us could make. Moreover, if it was more effective in telling the public that we‘re a church. How come 0% (when questioned in research) knew that we were a church? By the way, that was the same research that told us over 90% only know us for the Christmas red kettle!

I have even had employees ask me what else we will be doing to promote the brand? My answer is simple-what else can we do to ensure they (officers, employees, and volunteers) live the promise daily. It's so simple. Stan Richards of the Richards Group says it so well:

Our vision:

"Doing the Most Good"

Our Core Values-The personality of The Salvation Army

Passionate, Compassionate, Brave, Uplifting, Trustworthy.

Our Affiliation:

With informed individuals who want to positively affect their world.

He also says:

Here's the secret. Those that succeed make a better and distinctive promise that they consistently deliver with deep felt conviction. We must "be" it if they are to "believe" it.

It is the word consistency that I close this column. We have had very healthy discussion through our email group concerning the need to identify specific services that the Army offers any given community. Thanks to all those who have contributed. This has come in the form of Public Service Announcement and television commercial requests that can be personalized for a specific corps, command or geographical area. Specifically, reference has been made to the bellringer PSA/commercial that (I quote) "works well at Christmas" but it is felt by some of you that we need other images at other times of the year. Mr. Richards will be the first to tell you that adding other messages and images is not only confusing our public, but being inconsistent with what we need to say. He will quote Motel 6 "We'll keep the light on for you" which is over 20 years old but is one of the most well known quoted commercials out there. "Eat more chicken" with the cows on the advertising boards is now over twelve years old, and still keeping Chick-Fil-A up there as a major fast food franchise. If our public know the kettle as the Army's only visible icon, then we need to consistently use that icon to inform them of our general service groups. The bellringer PSA does exactly that. The kettle is in the foreground and our services to the marginalized and the disaster struck victim shown as recipients of a generous public. This commercial needs to run for many years to come before a: we feel the public now know us intimately, and b: that public are ready to quote us for more than the kettle.

Above all, remember that doing the most good is our daily promise.

Our Manifesto

I am doing the most good.

I am hope.

I am compassion.

I am strength.

I am faith.

I am doing the most good.

I serve a community.

A region.

A nation.

A world.

I serve heroes.

I serve victims.

I serve a sovereign God.

I am doing the most good.

I am an Army.

Drafted by the Creator.

Commissioned by a man who defied death.

My enemies are despair and destruction.

My ammunition is grace and mercy.

My allies are generosity and benevolence.

I am an Army.

Helping others be all they can be.

I am doing the most good.

I feed empty stomachs and hungry souls.

I rebuild ruined homes and shattered lives.

I am a willing listener for a veteran with stories to tell.

I am a bottled water and an encouraging smile for a weary firefighter.

I am an answered prayer.

A silver lining.

A second chance.

I am doing the most good.

I am a humble steward of other people's generosity.

I am a grateful courier of a stranger's kindness.

I am the faithful executor of others' goodwill.

I take my responsibility seriously.

I am blessed.

I am a blessing.

I am The Salvation Army.

I am doing the most good.

We have just celebrated the fourth Anniversary of the first rollout of our national Branding Promise "Doing The Most Good."




  • The Salvation Army in Ada works with the local Rotary club and school boards to provide school packs.
  • The school district provides TSA with the listing of what each grade in each school is required to have as far as supplies.
  • Drives are conducted to collect these supplies as well as donations of money.
  • Volunteers put together the packs with the supplies and label them for the correct school and grade.
  • The schools provide coupons to the needy families.
  • The families bring them to The Salvation Army on distribution day.
  • The coupons are traded for the school supplies of the correct grade and school.
  • Especially needy families are also given a gift card to the local Payless Shoe Source for shoes.

Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area Command

Since 2003, TSA Area Command Social Services has had an innovative approach to providing Back To School services for students grades K-12. We provide each child with 3 complete sets of new undergarments / underwear that includes the following: 3 pairs panties or briefs or boxer shorts or bvds; 3 tee shirts; 3 bras, 3 pairs new socks. If available, we will also provide school supplies that include a new back pack. In the 2007 school year, we distributed 442 back packs, complete with school supplies and new undergarments.

The Women's Auxiliary conducts a Spring Fundraiser each year in April entitled Games and Things. This is event is held at the Greens Golf and Country Club with a charge of $25.00 per person. The event includes: Table Games, Lunch and Silent Auction (members contribute items for the Auction). The proceeds from this event is given to Social Services to purchase undergarments for Back to School children.

In 2007 we issued approximately 5,304 new undergarments & socks. We were also able to determine if there were other needs in the family at the time of distribution; some of the families also required assistance with food and utilities; some of the families were also put on the lists for Thanksgiving baskets and Christmas assistance at the time they received assistance for school.


The Ardmore corps does a back-pack Sunday each year. This years event is scheduled to take place on August 10th. We will be giving away back-packs to the first 250 children. This event is typically a well attended event. God bless.


This year, Shawnee will provide Back-to-School basics in 850 backpacks. As families come through to pick up school supplies, if needed, the family is given a voucher for the Thrift Store. This voucher provides three (3) changes of clothes and a pair of shoes for every member of the family, not just the student. In the past, up to 1500 backpacks have been supplied; however, a couple of the communities now have programs supported by churches that help fulfill the need.

Service Units

A handful of service units, in particular one, have volunteers who have created a food pantry as well as a "store" of clothing and furniture. Since so many children in the area are at poverty level, it was discovered many didn't have food to eat. Each child is provided food in a backpack to take home to ensure they have food for themselves as well as other members of the family.


The Hattiesburg Corps will be holding it annual Back Pack Distribution on August 6. Social services takes applications from clients on needs for school assistance. Those clients are referred to a program our Women's Auxiliary oversees known as The Salvation Army Back Pack Program. Back packs are filled by Women Auxiliary volunteers with the required supplies of each grade and then distributed to the child. This year's program will focus on the most needy students in our community.


We sponser a have a year round Closet at each school in Caddo & Bossier Parrish.( direct service)

We receive the children's information from the schools systems ( and we supply the most needy children with new school uniforms and Nike shoes)

We also have a 5k called (HOT PURSUIT) race in the summer with over 200 runners that Nike and LA State Troppers sponser with us it rasies over $5,800 for uniforms. (500 children served)

We are doing a Back to School/Stuff the Bus drive this year. We've teamed up with our local Hands on Birmingham group. We are going to see what we can get from Walmart and Corporations in town. The drive will benefit us as well as Salvation Army in Blount County among other smaller agencies.

Click the following for templates of back to school and summer slump PR tools



(June 30, 2008) for more than 3,000 low-income children on the first coast, operation stuff the bus will make all the difference in whether they will be prepared for the first day of school.

Continuing a partnership that has furnished thousands of children with school supplies in previous years, the salvation army, first coast news, community first credit unions and publix super markets are appealing to the community for donations to the stuff-the-bus barrels, which will be located in publix stores beginning july 8th in duval, clay, st.johns and nassau counties, as well as in lake city, palatka, brunswick and st. Mary's, georgia. The annual drive will continue through august 11th.

Major jim arrowood, area commander for the salvation army in northeast florida, asks the communities of northeast florida and southeast georgia to give generously to operation stuff the bus. "the families served by 'stuff the bus' are not always sure of their next meal, so we want to help them by taking worries about school supplies off the table."

The salvation army is accepting applications for school supply assistance july 7th through july 25th at its locations in duval, clay, st. Johns and nassau county locations. Each family must qualify financially to receive the donated items.

Families interested in applying for assistance should call holly crawford at (904) 301-4785 for application instructions and other information. To find the location of the nearest stuff-the-bus barrel, log on to and click on the "store locator" link. For a list of needed supplies, visit the first coast news website at and click on the "stuff the bus" on the right side of the home page.

# # #

We are pleased to announce that the Wives of the Rays Organization has selected The Salvation Army of St. Petersburg to be the recipient organization for its annual Back to School Supply drive. The drive will be held during the openings of the Tampa Bay Rays Baseball games on August 4-6, 2008. The Wives of the Rays Organization hosts tables at various entrances throughout Tropicana Field and collects school supplies from the fans as they enter the stadium. We have also been asked to supply some of our youth who will be recipients of the school supplies, to help collect and pack and move the items from the stadium. These youth will also be allowed to stay and watch the games on the days they volunteer.

Following this event we are planning to have a sorting and distribution day with the Wives of the Rays at The Salvation Army corps and the school supplies will be distributed to the children in our programs in St. Petersburg. This event is yet to be scheduled but will be completed prior to the start of school in Pinellas County on August 18, 2008.

We are so grateful to the Wives of the Rays for selecting us this year as the recipient organization and we know that the many families with children who will receive the items will be very appreciative as well.


One of our local malls works with us each year on a Back to School project. This year we are doing a Back to School Shoe Drive called "Hearts to Soles".

Last year we did a drive for all things needed for back to school, clothing, supplies, back packs, shoes. We called it "Pack the Sack". We got lots of school supplies and little else. The mall didn't like that because people had to go outside of the mall to buy school supplies. There are no merchants in the mall that sell pencils, paper, etc.

The year before that we did a clothing drive, just like angel tree where we had kids names and sizes, We had about 160 kids and less than half of them were returned. Fortunately, we received cash which allowed us to help the remaining children but that was tough. It was called "Clothes for Kids" for Back to School.

This is our second year doing the Apple Tree program so we are kind of new at this but last year we had approximately 100 Apple Angels supplied with school necessities. Our process is very similar to Angle Tree in which parents of the children in need of supplies register them with us. At different events...woman's auxiliary, board meetings, etc. we have an actual tree present with name tags of children that lists their immediate school needs.

Every year the Junior League of Memphis hosts a back to school party for the children at the various Salvation Army shelters. There are a variety of games for children and adults. Each child will receive three school uniforms and a backpack filled with school supplies for the new school year.


Baltimore AC-

We are in partnership with Volunteer Central collecting School Supplies for the area school children.

Huntington WV-

We have already ordered 150 - 200 backpacks for distribution in August on Sunday after our bible school which is August 4th - August 10th, 2008. Our Home League collects supplies and the corps purchases supplies. We were looking to ask some of the organizations to help with supplies. We collect pencils, ink pens, paper, composition books, rulers, crayons, pencil boxes, tissues for the younger children, calculators, protractors, any thing for school. We even gave away a donated computer one year.We ordered the backpacks from Precise while we were in Atlanta at congress. We use the Sunday after bible school to help promote both the bible school and Sunday programs. We usually do it on Youth meeting night with Home League cooking a meal, we do games and give out the backpacks and supplies after the meeting. We also from the new clothing donated @ Christmas that we could not put with someone's gifts put together sets of clothing and give them away along with new coats if we have any at that time. We also do shoes if we have them available.

Frederick MD-

We distribute book bags filled with school supplies through our corps programs. The Women's Auxiliary purchases these bags for our summer campers, then the rest of them are used for kids going back to school.

Princeton WV-

They give out approximately 175 backpacks with school supplies. We begin taking applications on Monday 07/21 and end on Monday 08/04.


The Salvation Army in Greenville, SC will be accepting applications for the 3 days at the end of July and distribution August 11-13

HIS Radio is conducting a school supply drive on our behalf at a local Chick-Fil-A. They have engaged a local mega church to conduct a school supply drive as well.

In past years, one of major TV stations has set up in front of several local Wal-Marts to collect school supplies. They have had one of their most loved weathermen present during the entire drive (from 12:00 noon to 6:30 pm) and have done live remotes during their 12:00, 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00 news casts. This has worked particularly well. Wal-Mart customers want to stop and chat with him and he encourages them to donate.



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