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The Communications Bureau participates within its given boundries as a member of the Territorial Headquarters Community Relations and Development team to envision, coordinate, facilitate and set the pace by raising awareness of programs and services that advance the mission of The Salvation Army. Its prime objective is to clearly establish a professional standard of writing, imagery, and audio/visual programming, thus offering an integrated high standard of messaging in all forms of communication.

The Bureau offers a focal point of support and advice to effectively link all communications services within the fabric of THQ and around the territory. It constantly seeks every opportunity for face-to-face interaction on various facets of The Salvation Army's integrated mission. It also offers a framework for mission-focused strategic planning within the scope of the ever-changing effective communication base.

Paramount within the Communications Bureau structure is the new Public Awareness "Branding" Promise now mandated throughout the territory. As such the implementation and ongoing training of officers, employees, and volunteers is the responsibility of the Director and the team. Maintaining the promise on a daily basis is also the responsibility of the Bureau. This includes the provision of marketing and promotional materials with the cooperation of the Trade Department and other vendors. The Bureau is the origination of all "branding" materials, training, and maintenance methods. The Bureau takes seriously its role in policing every aspect of the brand and its prime objective of consistency of message.

The Bureau prepares and disseminates internal and external news in both written and electronic formats; the vision and production of multi media resources, including - photography, regular printed periodicals, audio resources, exhibit and display resources, promotional and marketing resources, the preparation, editing, and publishing of other printed pieces and special publications, video production, and the integration of style, linking of web sites within the territory, and the consistent updating of the territorial website.

The Bureau is the caretaker of The Salvation Army's most comprehensive and estensive video resource library. Future plans include the archiving of this valuable footage in digital form for sharing withother territories and interested parties through the internet.



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