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Chesapeake Energy Generously Donates Trucks

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Released 31 May 2013

C Truct TestOn Thursday, May 30, 2013, Chesapeake Energy donated two Chevy Silverado trucks for use in our Socially Responsible Landscape Management Company. Julie H. Wilson, Chesapeake Energy VP of Urban Development, took the keys off an oversized Chesapeake Energy key chain and gave them to Major Ward Matthews to put onto an oversized Salvation Army key chain. After that, The Salvation Army landscaping crew unloaded equipment from the trailers and performed landscaping work at the Chesapeake Energy facility.

The Salvation Army landscaping company is a social enterprise that gives homeless people jobs and job training. The workers live in a Salvation Army homeless shelter until they save enough money to live on their own. The goal is to get people trained and provide them a work history so they can get another job making a higher income.

Major Mathews 
and Truck

Major Ward Matthews kicks a tire on one of the trucks.

Julie H. Wilson 
and Major Mathews

Julie H. Wilson and Major Ward Matthews just after the presentation of the keys.

Salvation Army 

A Salvation Army lawn care worker gets ready to mow at Chesapeake Energy's
field office in Fort Worth.

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