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Top Ten Reasons to Give to The Salvation Army

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Serving Meals1. Christ-centered, Bible based approach is the best way to
bring about lasting change.

2. Holistic ministry focuses on body, mind and spirit.

3. The Army will maximize your contributions to help
the most people.

4. You can be assured that you are making a meaningful difference in your community.

5. Organization's services and processes are overseen by one
of the strongest volunteer boards in the Metroplex to ensure accountability.


6. 146 years of staying true to its mission.

7. Salvation Army workers are passionate about improving
the lives of men, women, boy, and girls.

8. Vast portfolio of compassionate services offers help for
children, families and senior citizens.

9. Proven track record of successful results.

10. Strategic plan ensures expansion of services to keep pace with population growth.


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