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The Salvation Army
Boys & Girls Club

is changing lives.

According to a national Harris poll of Boys & Girls Club alumni:

57% say the Club saved their life

91% are satisfied with their adult life

The Salvation Army has served local youth since 1937.

Current wish list:

  • 18 kickballs
  • 12 hula hoops
  • 24 jump ropes ("the little girls go through them like shoelaces")
  • 12 exercise mats

Contact Mr. Joshua Dorsette, Executive Director, 688-7306, ext. 116.




  ... of the people who received emergency rent, food, or utility assistance from The Salvation Army of the Western Triangle last year had never before asked us for help.



... of every dollar you contribute goes directly to serve people in need. Contribute today!



Local services from a
respected international charity

Since 1910, The Salvation Army has supported people in need in the Western Triangle with the same dedication and cost-effectiveness that we bring to our crisis services globally. We are:

  • one of the area's three largest nonprofits helping people at risk of homelessness.
  • a Boys & Girls Club that has prepared urban youth for successful adulthood for more than 70 years.
  • a place to learn basic English and computer skills, enhancing workforce competency.

Why didn't you know we were so active locally?
Maybe because we focus on people in need, not PR.

Please contact us with questions or if you'd like to volunteer: Mrs. Carlene Byron 688-7306, ext. 107.



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