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College Staff

The Salvation Army - Evangeline Booth College
Staff Officers and Key Personnel

Evangeline Booth College

Major Allan Hofer - President
Major Ted Morris - Assistant Principal for Training
Major Fiona Hofer - Assistant Principal for Ministry Development and Campus Services
Mrs. Kathy Anderson - Executive Secretary for the President

Business Department

Ms. Peggy Brown - Human Resources
Captain Syung-Young Lee - Director of Finance
Ms. Rhonda Lynch - Finance Associate
Mr. Robert Reed - Information Systems Administrator
Captain Juan Guadalupe - Home / Property Officer
Lieutenant Josh Hinson - Assistant Home / Property Officer
Mr. Robert E. Bullock - Director of Plant Operations

Campus Services Department

Major Pam Morris - Director of Campus Services
Captain Sobeida Guadalupe - Food Services Officer
Ms. Bretta Rorie - Aramark Food Services Manager

Southern Historical Center

Mr. Michael Nagy - Historical Center Director and Archivist

School for Officer Training

Curriculum Department
Captain Paul Gilliam - Director of Curriculum
Major Pamela McKee - Education Officer / Registrar
Major Timothy Carter - Field Training Officer
Major Donna Carter - Assistant Field Training Officer
Captain Sally Broughton - Music Coordinator / Education Resource Officer
Mrs. Shannon Gibson - Librarian

Personnel Department
Major Ed Lee - Director of Personnel
Major Richard Hathorn - Assistant Director of Personnel
Major Amy Lee - Assistant to the Director of Personnel
Major Stefanie Hathorn - Personnel Officer
Captain Lori Miller - Family Life Center Director
Major Beverly Leidy - Assistant Family Life Director
Ms. Bridget Mack - Child Care Center / Teen Center Director
Captain Hae-Young Lee - Wellness Officer
Mr. Kevin Chamlee - Campus Wellness Director
Nurse Paula McCurdy - Health Center Director

School for Continuing Education

Major Roy Johnson - Assistant Principal for Continuing Education
Major Jackie Johnson - Director of Continuing Education Center

School for Leadership Development

Major Joanne Holz - Director of School for Leadership Development


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