The Salvation Army - HANDS Scholarship

HANDS, which stands for "Helping A Needy and Deserving Student", was established in May 1996.

Grants Awarded:       Up to $1100.00 per semester

Contact Person:        Corps Officer


1) Carry a course load to allow graduation within four years.

2) Maintain a "C" average (2.0 CGPA) or better.

3) Forward a transcript immediately upon the completion of each quarter or semester.

4) Prompt reply to any request for information.

5) Notify HANDS administrators before transferring to another college.

HANDS scholarships are limited to one per family.

Application should only be made once; recipients will be granted future funding based on maintaining eligibility requirements.

Note: This scholarship is limited; applicants may be put on a waiting list. 

Please see the application attached below.


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