Andrew Miller Scholarship and Lecture

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Andrew S. Miller Scholarship and Lecture

The friends of Andrew S. Miller created this scholarship endowment in the name of the former Territorial Commander and National Commander.  Commissioner Miller has served on the Board of Trustees of Asbury University for many years.  His interest in Asbury goes back to his early years as a student.  Later as a Divisional Youth Secretary stationed in Cincinnati, Ohio, he started what would become The Salvation Army Student Fellowship.  Over the years Commissioner Miller has had an abiding interest in the Salvationist youth at Asbury.  It is only fitting that this endowment be set up in his honor.

Recognizing the significant contribution to Salvation Army ministry made by the more than 500 Asbury Salvationists, with almost half this number being commissioned officers, the Miller Scholarship is intended to provide a leadership-training program and financial assistance for Salvationist youth of the Southern Territory to attend Asbury University.

Instituted in 1998 by the vision of Territorial Commander Commissioner John Busby, this scholarship recognizes the contributions of Willouise Luce and Charles I. Babcock who co-chaired the scholarship fundraising campaign.

Miller Scholarship

 Grants Awarded:       Up to $3000.00 per year

 Contact Person:        Asbury University Financial Office or the
                                Student Aid Office at The School for Continuing Education


1) Applicants must be soldiers in good standing from the USA South who are accepted as students at Asbury University and who are to commit their lives to providing leadership in The Salvation Army as local officers or applying to enter the College for Officer Training.

2) Lectureship requirements are attendance at each lectureship and submission of a report to the Salvation Army School of Continuing Education. The lectureship requirement will serve the Salvationist family at Asbury University in the development of spiritual character, service, competency and mission commitment.
     (a) Date, title and thrust of lecture
     (b) Name and credits/position of lecturer
     (c) Include how the lecture added to the student's knowledge of Army mission and furthered their leadership development for local officership and/or officership
     (d) A minimum of 150 words
     (e) Due within three weeks after lecture

3) Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA.

4) Application must be made each semester or full year.


1. The student receives the application from Asbury University, completes the required information, and returns it to the Asbury University Financial Aid Office.

2. The School for Continuing Education receives the application from Asbury.

 3. The Assistant Principal for the School for Continuing Education presents the application to Education Council for recommendation to the Board of Trustees.

 4. The Assistant Principal will contact the applicant with appropriate follow up based on board action.

In subsequent years, approval for scholarship applications will be considered upon receipt of the student's corps attendance record and the lectureship report.


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