Ernest Frank Trust Scholarship

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Ernest Frank Trust Scholarship

Grants Awarded:       Up to $3000.00 per year

Contact Person:        Corps Officer


1) Acceptance at an accredited academic or vocational college.

2) The latest transcripts must accompany all applications.

3) Must maintain a 2.0 CGPA including High School grades.

4) Grant recipients must carry at least 12 credit hours per semester. Limited to a maximum of four years of full time study at a regional accredited institution.

5) All grants are on an annual basis; however, it is our intention to continue such grants until your undergraduate work is complete, provided of course that you have met the above requirements and are under age 29.

6) Scholarships are based on a current basis; no retroactive payments will be made to individuals.

7) Written confirmation from Corps Officer endorsing financial need.

Deadline to submit applications: March 31st prior to academic year.

Note: This scholarship is limited. Not all applicants may be accepted. Eligible applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. No retroactive payments. 

Please see attached application form below.


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